Mouse and Brian, a postcard with their names written on it

by Lindariel and Aliset



postcard reading: Howdy from New York. the Statue of Liberty and Times Square depicted on it

Hi Brian!

Mouse here. Wish we could hang out. Jamie says not now cause you are in college. Miss you. Is college neat? Sounds like a lot of work. Hope your teachers are like Vincent. Not like Father. Talk! Talk! Lots of words. No gizmos. Mouse has a problem. And a secret. BIG secret. GOOD secret. Will you help? Just give advice. Not get in trouble. Promise!

Your friend Mouse

postcard reading: Greetings from Ithaca, New York

Hi Mouse!

I didn't know you all could send postcards ... but wait, duh, of course you can. I'm writing this in my room at Cornell; my roommate is this strange guy who's not around much (he's got a girlfriend, I think) so it's just me here most of the time. I'm liking college so far, but I miss home. My dad's coming for a visit next weekend and my mom the weekend after, so I'm not all that alone. I wish you could come visit. You'd probably love my chemistry lab. My English teacher does remind me of Father, though ...

What's going on, Mouse?

Your friend, Brian

postcard of the state of New York, reading Greetings from New York, the Empire State. Mouse has written "you" pointing to Ithaca on the map and "me" poingint to underneath NYC.

Hi Brian!

Asked Vincent about Cornell. He says it’s way far away from our community. No Tunnels to get there. Could visit but would mean traveling a long way Up Top away from the City. Too hard for Mouse. Really wish we could hang out!

Okay. Okay. Writing not so good as talking but okay fine. Mouse has a BIG secret. No one knows. Well. Except Catherine. And maybe Vincent. But they won’t tell. Here goes. Mouse has a LOVE! Mouse loves Jamie. Jamie says she loves Mouse back. BIGGER SECRET! Jamie lives with Mouse now! Keeps some stuff here. Some stuff back in her old chamber. No one knows. GOOD secret huh?

Problem. Jamie mad at Mouse. Don’t know why. Says Mouse is in-con-si-der-rit. Big word. But Mouse is always Mouse! Why Jamie mad?

Help! Mouse


postcard of the Cornell University campus


Hey Mouse! Tell Vincent thanks for checking on my school. I'll be home for the holidays (home with my dad, that is) in a few months. We'll get together then, okay?

Wow, you and Jamie? Congrats! But why's it such a secret? You can't be the first guy down there to move in with his girlfriend.

Oh, remember my roommate, the one with the girlfriend? She dumped him. He was more interested in playing on his Nintendo – that's a machine that plays video games – than paying attention to her. They had some big blowout last night. She said he was “inconsiderate” because they had a date and he never showed. Maybe that's what Jamie meant?

Your friend, Brian


postcard of the parachute drop, a carnival ride at Coney Island


Hi Brian!

Jamie and Mouse secret cause Jamie says brand new just for us right now. Tell sometime later. Does dumped mean Jamie goes back to her chamber? Cause she did. Says she wants space to think. Lots of space in Mouse’s chamber! Don’t get it. Didn’t forget anything! NEVER forget plans with Jamie! Your roommate was BAD to forget plans! Does inconsiderate mean bad? Mouse NOT bad! Just cause Mouse won’t follow Jamie’s rules? Put dirty clothes here! Keep gizmos there! Or-gan-nize. Big word. Means everything has a home. Find easy. Okay fine!

But make bed EVERYDAY! Why? Too much! It’s Mouse’s chamber right? Should be Mouse’s rules! Told her so. Now space and mad and won’t kiss Mouse.

Help? Mouse


postcard from Taughannock Falls in Ithaca, NY

Hey Mouse!

Right after I got your last postcard, my roommate and I got into an argument. He leaves his dirty clothes everywhere, and our room isn't as big as your chamber. And he borrowed my chemistry textbook, and now I can't find it in all this mess. I'm no expert on girls – never had a girlfriend – but if you and Jamie are living together, isn't your chamber hers too? Maybe she's got a point, is all.

I have to go try and find my textbook before my class tonight. But if you're asking me what I'd do – I'd talk to her.

Your friend, Brian

postcard from the Central Park zoo

Thanks, thanks, thanks Brian!

Found Jamie in Whispering Gallery today. Not mad! Frus-tra-ted? Big word. You know it? Says she always loves Mouse. Just needs more patience. Told her or-gan-nize was hard for Mouse. Mouse lives alone for a long time. Mouse try harder. Gave Mouse a kiss! Very nice! Still didn’t come back. Wants more time. What should Mouse do now? Made bed! Picked up dirty clothes! But Jamie can’t see if not here!

Your roommate is really BAD! Did he STEAL your chemistry book? Learned about steal when William wanted to take away Arthur’s babies last Winterfest. Steal is different from take. Take means nobody else needs or wants. STEAL is BAD. Steal means belongs to someone else and they NEED it. Or LOVE it.

Went with Catherine to take children to the Petting Zoo. Saw Arthur’s babies! Bandit, Rebel, and Scamp so BIG now! You should see! Vincent says no college on the weekend. Maybe Brian come visit? Meet there sometime?

Your friend Mouse

postcard from Fall creek Falls in Ithaca, NY

Hey Mouse,

I'm glad you talked to Jamie. She seems really sweet. My roommate says he “borrowed” my chemistry book ... yeah, whatever. I found it buried under some molding dishes (yuck) under his bed. He has an English class tonight; once he gets back, we're going to have a talk about “borrowing” my stuff.

The zoo trip sounds like fun ... when do you want to meet?

Your friend, Brian

PS: I just got a striped candle in the mail from a Dr. Alcott. The note inside said to ask you about it. What's up with the candle?


ostcard of a flying taxi with the Empire State building and the Chrysler building as passengers. They have human arms, though. Mouse has written "Jamie" pointing to the passenger and "Mouse" pointing to the driver. The postcard reads "Hello from NYC"

Hi Brian!

Winterfest candle from Mouse and Jamie! Special party Below every year to thank Helpers. Like Dr. Alcott. Like you.

Specially you because Jamie back with Mouse now! Got William to make picnic dinner. Took Jamie to special place only Mouse knows. Talked a long time about what Jamie needs. What Mouse needs. Even talked about postcards to Brian. Jamie glad Mouse asked for help. Good talk!

Can Brian come to petting zoo this Saturday afternoon? Mouse and Jamie want to say thank you and tell more about Winterfest. Hope to see you there!

Your friend Mouse


postcard of the entrance to the Central Park Petting Zoo, a child romping with two leaping goats.

Hey Mouse,

Oh, okay! Great! I'll be there. Wouldn't miss it!

I had a great time at the petting zoo. You didn't tell me you were bringing Alice with you – wow, that was a surprise to see her again! We talked right before I left for college, and she said she didn't want to come Above ever again, not even to visit me. But she has my address now, and we're going to write. Who knows what'll happen?

I'm glad you and Jamie talked. See you at Winterfest!

Your friend, Brian


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