Michael and Father, postcard with their names inscribed

by Olivia K. Goode and Aliset


postcard from Holy Trinity church, where Shakespeare's tomb is


Dear Father –
I’m sitting here on a pew of Holy Trinity Church, looking up on the funerary monument to the one and only William Shakespeare! This semester abroad has been a dream come true – all the things you taught us, all the places you told us of … they’re all here, all real!  I’ve thought of you often this summer, of all you gave me growing up. Not just the love of literature that’s brought me to study in England, but everything. For so long I ached for my father and the family I never had. It took me until now to figure out that I’ve had one for a long time. Thank you so much.  

Love, Michael

postcard of the New York Public Library at night      


Dear Michael,

I had no idea you were going to study abroad – and in England, of all places. I once sat in that same church and wished for the bard's eloquence. How strange ... and how wondrous ... to think of you there now.

My boy. You have always been special to so many of us. Whatever guidance you've received from me is nothing compared to what I gained by being your teacher. What are you studying?



postcard of the Tower Bridge in England at night

Dear Father –  

Braefield College offers a study abroad program. I figured my mother arranged for me to have this money from my father, so I should use it for something really worthwhile. We’re studying British literature, history and culture. And I’m learning so much!  

Remember when you told me about your first day of college? Swept along by the crowd? I had that same experience in London – except instead of Louis Armstrong, it was a punk rock band that sounded like all the kids in the nursery were banging on William’s pots and pans.  Even so, it’ll be something I’ll never forget!  

How’s everyone at home? Is Samantha still an avid reader?  



postcard of New York City at night, taken from a high point of view.

Dear Michael,  

Oh, I see. We always knew you were destined for the wider world; how amazing it is to see you embrace it.  

Punk? In my day a "punk" was not ... a term of endearment. And now they've named a kind of music after it? My ears still haven't recovered from Vincent's Pink Floyd phase when he was a young man; I shudder to think what this "punk" music sounds like, if your description is anything to go by.

Everyone at home is fine. Vincent and Catherine announced their marriage last week (at breakfast, before I even had my coffee, no less!) and Samantha is still an avid reader, determined to follow in your footsteps and attend Braefield. You see, my boy, you started a chain!  

What about you? Is there someone special in your life?  



postcard with a map of Shakespeare's Country on it

Dear Father –  

No one special enough to mention, not yet anyway. I’ve gone out with a few girls from school, and a few dates here, too, but nothing serious. I remember the way Vincent used to look when he first met Catherine – while we were working on something in class and he thought no one was looking at him, he’d stare off into space and smile a little. I know someone will come along someday and make me smile that way, but until then …  

Please congratulate Vincent and Catherine for me. I hope they wait until I get back – I’d hate to miss their joining. And tell Samantha that I’ll help her schedule classes, just like Catherine helped me. I’m just one link in a chain.  

I’ll be back the beginning of August and I’ll bring souvenirs.  




vintage postcard of the Terraces in Central Park

Dear Michael,  

You're still young. It sounds like a cliche, or even something my own father would have said, but love like what you seek takes time. You'll find it, or it will find you, when you least expect it. I met the love of my life by accident on a New York street corner – did I ever tell you that story? If not, I will when you return in August. There's a great deal of serendipity in love, and it's nothing you can ever predict. You just have to be open to it when it happens.  

I probably didn't explain myself clearly; Vincent and Catherine have married themselves. Quite a surprise, though of course we're all very happy for them.

I told Vincent of your postcards (he received yours of Big Ben yesterday, and it's now tucked into the glass of his hutch) and he said he and Catherine would love to see you in August. I've passed your words onto Samantha; Mary is taking her above next weekend for a college visit to Braefield. I'm sure she'll have plenty to tell you.  


postcard of the Underground area of London, at night

Dear Father,  

I leave next week, so I may even beat this postcard home. It’s been a wonderful summer, but I do miss you all. This has been an almost unimaginably wondrous adventure, and it’s all been possible because of the faith of you, and Vincent, and everyone back home. Leaving for college was frightening at first, as was coming here, and neither was always easy, but I’ve learned so much.  

I can’t wait to hear the story about your finding love on a New York street corner. Remind me to tell you about the girl I met in Piccadilly Circus!  

Love, Michael


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