Jamie and Mouse - old plain postcard with their names inscribed

by Skippy Flink and Tweetie Lynn


Postcard: New York, the Wonder City. Addressed: To Mouse from Jamie, wish you were here

Dear Mouse,

I know you have been busy in the water pipe chambers trying to fix those broken pipes, so I know you can't join me in an "Exploring Expedition". But I have been very curious about the Crystal Chamber, ever since Vincent found that beautiful crystal for Catherine. I am going to go exploring by myself. Of course, I will tell Father and the others where I am going, and I will bring my trustworthy crossbow just in case. But I am going to have Kipper deliver these messages to you so you know what I am up to.  



Postcard from Coney Island. An aerialist is performing a high wire act

Hi Jamie, Mouse thanks you for the message. Pipes fixed OK good, OK fine. Arthur in trouble - he follow Mouse, trip up Cullen and Kanin, they get muddy, Arthur end up in big mud puddle too!! Have to give him bath, as well as Mouse. Bring back some crystals for Mouse to make Jamie nice gift. Mouse misses Jamie. Must take care. Jamie explore good, better than good - Mouse see you when you come back. Next time, Mouse go too. Arthur now nice and clean. So is Mouse. Send good wishes to Jamie.    



Postcard of Central Park in the snow - photo of the Bow Bridge. Catherine's apartment building is in the background

Dear Mouse,

I'm glad to hear you and Arthur are nice and clean now! Watch out for those muddy puddles next time ... chuckle. I almost had a mishap myself. I was going down the Chamber of Winds staircase and almost got blown over. I wasn't being careful like I should have been. I wanted to look over the edge of the stairs. Next time going back up, I will hold onto the rails! I know that you, Vincent, Cullen, and Kanin worked so hard to install those wonderful stair rails and I will use them ... promise.

I'm almost to the Mirror Pool. I can't wait to look at my reflection and see the stars in the sky ...



postcard from the Central Park zoo of mountain goats on some rocks

Hi Jamie

Mouse pleased to get postcard from Jamie, make Mouse happy. Arthur upset William this time! William make nice apple muffins. Arthur help do taste test. William get mad, say Arthur eat too many. Mouse get in strife too. William say rude things about Mouse and Arthur. Keep away from kitchen for a while. Jamie must be careful , hold onto stair rail – bad winds there, worse than bad. Mouse wishes he could see stars too. William says he make Mouse see stars. Mouse thinks not same stars as Jamie sees. Thinks William not like Arthur and Mouse much. Mouse misses Jamie. So does Arthur. More than little bit too.



postcard that reads: Greetings from New York. Photos of three memorable buildings on it

Dear Mouse,  

I miss Mouse and Arthur too ! I am now in the Chamber of the Falls. I love it so much here ... so peaceful and relaxing. I could look at the beautiful waterfall for hours. I am taking a break now and reading my favorite book, The Velveteen Rabbit. It's so peaceful sitting here. I'm on a little nook by the rocks that seems like it was just made for sitting and reading. I wonder if Catherine and Vincent come up to read and watch the waterfalls? Oh, I brought a snack. Yum! I snuck some pumpkin muffins and juice from William's kitchen. I hope he doesn't notice. I could just sit here for hours, but I know I must make my way to the Crystal Cavern soon and find some wonderful crystals for us.  



Postcard that reads: Just arrived in New York, the Wonder City. Photo of NYC waterfront

Dear Jamie,  

Quiet without my friend, Jamie. Mouse trying to fix lamp for Father’s chamber. Not good, bad, worse than bad. Father not happy. How come everyone is mad at Mouse! And Arthur – Arthur just trying to help, he pick up shiny part Mouse needed for Father’s lamp. Hid it, no-one can find. Father hopping mad – tell Mouse that he throw Arthur and Mouse in Abyss one day!!! Think Mouse and Arthur come and find Jamie, that way stay out of trouble. Like book Jamie reading, Catherine read sometimes for children – nice story, better than nice. Come back, Jamie – help Mouse stay out of trouble.  


postcard of Rockefeller Center at night




Hi Mouse,

I'm here at the Crystal Cavern at last, and it is everything that Vincent said ... truly breathtaking!

There are several chambers in the cavern actually. There's one chamber that has rainbow-color crystals, then there's one close to the waterfalls where the crystals are sticking out from under the water ... as if they are flower crystals springing forth from the water's surface. Then, at a much farther distance, I can see there is a chamber where the crystals are glistening so brightly. It is as if you can see eternity. I know that is where Vincent chose the special crystal he gave to Catherine for their anniversary. I will not travel there, as I believe that is a special place just for them. But, I have chosen many crystals to bring back. I have several beautiful rainbow crystals that reflect the colors of pink, yellow and blue. I cannot wait until you make a wonderful necklace for me. And I chose some from the water crystal chamber where the crystal beauty is heavenly. You are going to have to wait to see them for yourself. You can actually see the ocean waves through them! I can't wait to show you my wonderful treasures!!  





postcard of Times Square, drawn in a cartoon styleHi Jamie, Mouse pleased that you found crystals to bring back. Mouse will definitely make Jamie a pretty necklace. So happy that you are coming home. Lots of new gizmos to show you. Mouse and Arthur have been exploring too - found new tunnel - very dirty, had to dig out a lot. Vincent's Catherine gave Mouse some nice smelly shampoo for Mouse and Arthur to use - in honour of Jamie coming home. William says Mouse and Arthur smell like inside a bordello!! What's a bordello, Jamie?

Hurry back, Jamie, no fun with you not here. Mouse misses Jamie a lot - so does Arthur.


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