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At the end of the episode, When the Blue Bird Sings, Vincent and Catherine are in his chamber, looking at the oil portrait Kristopher has left them. They're standing side by side, gazing on itStill gazing on the portrait, Vincent and Catherine have moved closer. He's tipped his head toward hers, as she moves in to lay her head on his shoulder. Vincent's expression is one of subtle enjoyment, almost ... pride. He's smiling, knowingly. Catherine's expression seems awed as well, but definitely not shocked,  more 'Kristopher got it altogether right'..


Wherever, Whenever

by Joyce Kilmer


If I had lived down underneath the earth,
And you had dwelt among the pleasant stars,
I should have flown the caverns of my birth,
And you have riven Heaven’s silver bars.

We owe no gratitude to wanton chance,
For not through him does heart cleave fast to heart.
Not time nor place nor any circumstance,
Could keep our lips, our breasts, our souls apart.



Wherever, Whenever

read by Ed G
(If the embedded player doesn't work, click HERE to listen.)


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Jeff D (pico9702)     2/10/2013 12:06:23 PM
Thanks for sharing your readings with us all, Ed!

Mini     2/8/2013 3:17:20 AM
Wonderful selection Ed, thanks for sharing with us.

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