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In the scene from Temptation, Vincent is showing Mouse the crystal he's chosen for Catherine anniversary gift. He's holding it out and Mouse is looking on.Mouse is looking up at Vincent, a serious question forming for him

What's it like ... to have a love?


Love Does That

by Meister Eckhart

All day long a little burro labors, sometimes
with heavy loads on her back and sometimes just with worries
about things that bother only

And worries, as we know, can be more exhausting
than physical labor.

Once in a while a kind monk comes
to her stable and brings
a pear, but more
than that,

he looks into the burro’s eyes and touches her ears

and for a few seconds the burro is free
and even seems to laugh,

because love does

Love Frees.



Love Does That

read by Robin G.
(If the embedded player doesn't work, click HERE to listen.)


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SandyX     2/7/2013 9:47:15 PM
I love this little poem. And nice job, Robin!

Vicky     2/5/2013 10:54:35 PM
That was beautiful, Robin!

Skippy     2/4/2013 11:21:35 PM
Hi Robin, that was just so gorgeous. Reminds me of our ponies at Riding for the Disabled. The kids just love to give their ponies something special at the end of lessons. Thanks so very much, you read so very well.

Raquel     2/4/2013 8:39:01 PM
Love it!

Jeff D. (pico9702)     2/4/2013 5:07:57 PM
Wonderful reading, Robin!

Pablo     2/4/2013 4:10:35 PM
I really enjoyed your reading Robin, Thanks!

Mini     2/4/2013 1:57:39 PM
Beautifully done Robin. Thanks for sharing.

Cordi     2/4/2013 1:26:47 PM
Thanks for your wonderful reading, Robin.

Claire     2/4/2013 12:58:02 PM
We haven't met (yet!) but I already have reason to think you're as delightful as your Mom ;)

Michelle K.     2/4/2013 7:38:19 AM
Wonderful reading, Robin! I love listening to you - you're so expressive! I hope we have more in the future! :-)

underthepark     2/4/2013 7:17:09 AM
Thank you Robin - great.

Amber     2/4/2013 7:21:21 AM
That's our Robin!!! Yaaay! Oh, I'm so excited! That was beautiful! I love it! :)

Krista     2/4/2013 6:13:01 AM
Fantastic job, Robin! Hope to hear you reading for us for a very long time to come :)

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