Vincent is on Catherine terrace, looking in through the open doors. Candles are lit on her dining table and sideboard. He's looking in, questioninglyCatherine has turned from lighting candles and is looking lovingly in Vincent's directionCatherine is speaking to Vincent, as they both stand at the balcony threshold

I thought we could go inside. There's a fire.


This night, the telephone will not ring. There is no watcher,
save those who might be looking on ... and smiling.

Vincent is considering Catherine's invitation, the look in his eye evident, anticipatory. There's a small smile on his lips ...

They have endured much; they have gone with courage and with care.
Truly, there was ever only one direction – toward love –
but their journey to this moment, to this happy life, was lesson-filled.

Time and tide have taught them well.

Their love is a gift, one that touches the best in all of us.
And so, from them we should take heart,
and be encouraged to ...

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