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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Here it is, the last day of Winterfest already. Have you hugged anyone yet today?

There's still time to make your donation to, Winterfest Online's chosen charity. Even a dollar/euro or two would help a lot if a significant number of you did it. Many thanks to those who've sent donations already, and our ebay auction winners!

If you get a few moments, please stop into the Helpers Nook and and answer the 14 or so questions under Help with a Game. Last year's answers, should you care, are also posted.

The repeated attempts to find something in the bathing chamber are likely to pay off sometime today. If you haven't already discovered Vincent's chamber and its hidden treats, then you're apparently one of the few who hasn't been hanging out in the bathing chamber all week. ;-)

Closing ceremonies will happen later today also. Look for them on the main Great Hall page.

There are folks who get together weekly for an episode chat. If you'd like to join them after Winterfest, ask in the chatroom about Skype. Watch the pilot together (chat together, watch each our own episode at home) at 4pm EST.

We love you guys. You know that, don't you? Hope you're having a wonderful Winterfest.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The week is winding down, but not the fun.

Just a reminder that our ebay charity auction ends on Saturday. If you're interested in what's for sale, check the links here, and place a bid for what appeals to you.

For those of you who remember the sense of humor Lynn Wright used to include in her CABB Treasure Hunt activities, you can revisit them in Mouse's chamber. For those who haven’t seen them…introduce yourself to them.

Apparently the Gallery is not yet full. Today you'll find Beauty and the Beast art from the deviantart site.

For video lovers, the amphitheater has added a Candlelight Creations video called "Ain't No Other."

The talent show is today at 2pm EST. Click the link on the chat schedule to attend or perform.

The Round Robins are heading for their respective finales. Make sure you're up to date.

And don't forget the changing daily activities, such as the challenge (in the Library) and the questions of the day (in the Conversation Corner). If you're hesitant to participate, see what some of the other guests have done. Then, maybe, just maybe ... !


Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Friday! Woohoo, almost the weekend!

We have treats scattered all over today.

In the Library, we have a unique and fun reading experience for you. Check out the charming Postcard Stories.

In the Amphitheater, discover a brand new category of BATB fun, audio fic, which is fanfic read aloud. Sounds good after your hard day of treasure hunting yesterday, doesn't it?

In the Gallery, there are new set photos. We posted a lot of them at Winterfest Online 2011. We have only a few to add this year, but some of them are absolutely priceless! Please speak up if you have more to add to the collection.

If you're still treasure hunting and need help, you have options. Seek help in the chatroom, post a message on the wfol yahoo group, or send an email to our address. Contacting individual candlemakers off-list is fine too, if you know who they are. (But posting to the yahoo group or the chatroom is likely to produce a faster answer.) We'll also post a walk-through before Winterfest is over.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another day at Winterfest and more things for you to enjoy.

In the library, we have another First Time Online offering. Check out Overtures by Catherine Edwards, a twelve-volume digest zine series.

The Treasure Hunt begins today. Put on your hiking boots, grab your flashlights and begin your quest to find this years treasure. Where to begin? I cant tell you that, but I can tell you that youre looking for a key.

As you travel on your quest, you may find places that interest you. If you dont want to interrupt your treasure hunt, bookmark them and come back later after Winterfest.

If you get lost, you can bang on the pipes by posting to the WFOL yahoo group or sending us an email. Please dont post spoilers. A very subtle hint would be ok. Let everyone have the fun of discovering the path to the treasure themselves.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Good morning. Winterfest can't be half over already, can it?

If you have to get to work, dont despair. Winterfest will still be here waiting for you when you get back home.

Theres a new game today. If you like logic puzzles, youre in luck. You can now find one in the Game Nook.

The Gallery is filling up fast. There are more illustrations from early zines this time by Inez Brown.

Speaking of art, have you ever had a question you wanted to ask an artist? Stop by tonight's Ask the Artist chat, and Winterose will do her best to answer all your art questions.

Another First Time Online zine has been added to the Library A Heart to Hold by Joanne Grier.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Both our special treats for today revolve around art.

In the Gallery, you will find Rosemarie Hauer's Calendar art from her 1998's Secret of the Heart and 1999's The Essence of Joy.

In the Library is Reflections: stories inspired by Chan's artwork.

Of course all the daily updates are waiting for you to enjoy, including many of the activities in the Game Nook.

Your fellow fans have been adding daily to the banquet of delights found here at Winterfest Online. Check out the beautiful poetry in our Daily Challenges found in the Library and the artwork decorating the Painted Tunnels in the Gallery. Who knows? You might be inspired to add something yourself!

Drop by the chatroom at 2pm or 8pm EST and get information from Laura about this year's con in C&VLand!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Interested in today's new stuff?

First, we'd like to ask for your help. Fandom has been bequeathed a number of
Vincent's costumes. There are pictures of all of them, but we don't know in which episodes

Ron Perlman wore them. If you'd like to try out your sleuthing skills and let us know what

you've found, you'll find the costumes displayed in the Helper's Nook.

The Gallery has a new entry today. You'll find art by Catherine deMasque -
illustrations from zines written shortly after the series ended.

Beauty and the Beast was seen in a number of countries, creating the necessity
to dub voices for the characters we love. Check the amphitheater if you'd like
to see how that turned out. Which one is your favorite?

And don't forget to add to the day's interactive activities. It's more fun if
you participate.

See you as we all wander through the tunnels on our selected missions.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Are you having fun? We hope so.

Today in the amphitheater, we have some old con Q&A footage as well Ron Perlman hosting Pilot Playhouse. Look for them in Vintage Vids.

If you've been to one of the summer conventions in the past, you've probably met Bubba. You're not familiar with this well-travelled gentleman? Check the interview with him, also in the amphitheater.

Looking for some Beauty and the Beast reading? One of todays treats is a very special project - Reunion. In the days before the internet, our fan fiction was found only in hard-copy zines. Today, we have new stories and poems for you from some much-loved authors from those days, authors we havent heard from in quite a few years. Its so nice to see them again.

And don't forget that the daily activities change. There's the Question of the Day, The Challenge of the Day, The Round Robins, etc. You could settle into the Game Nook for a while or add to the Mosaic story. Possibilities are endless, so why in the world are we still keeping you here? Oops!

Have fun!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Welcome to Winterfest! We're so pleased you could join us. Looks like all that knocking on the door finally paid off. Did you light your candle?

You'll find something new each day of Winterfest, so be sure to visit here in the Pipe Chamber every day to see what surprises you can find.

Today everything is new, so take a tour of the tunnels and see what chambers capture your attention. If you'd like to talk to other Winterfest revelers, find the yahoo list in the conversation corner and make yourself known.

Now go on out and play. Let's get this party started!