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Winterfest is over. No more cards can be sent

Eliot at his desk, studying plan. There are two candles on his desk and an envelope that reads 'delivery instructions': Catherine and Vincent are kneeling beside an open grate in the street, being handed candles up through it from Below. Vincent has some in his hands and some are piled nearby:
I'm mapping my route to your house. Join me for Winterfest! We're on our way soon, with a Winterfest candle just for you
Catherine on her couch, reading from what could be an address book. She's barefoot, with her feet on her coffee table. Candles are on the table, under the pillows and sticking out of the cushions. Vincent and Catherine sitting together (they're at the Falls, but you can't see the falls - it's a scene from Orphans). They each have a candle in hand, each tipped toward the other, and the two flames are melding into one.
I have a Winterfest candle for you. Let me check your address We want to share our light with you. Please join us at Winterfest!
Vincent alone, leaning against the tall cabinet in his room, holding one candle, looking dreamy. Vincent, kneeling by the mirror pool, several candles on the ground, one in his hand.
I have a special reason to invite you to Winterfest! It's written in the stars. You must come to Winterfest!
Devin and Catherine standing together Devin alone on the bridge
We're working as a team this Winterfest. Lots of friends to invite! I'll turn a one-handed backflip to deliver your candle. I'm on my way!
Vincent, asleep on Catherine's floor, his head on pillows, kind of propped up on the dinky little couch. He has a candle in each hand, and there's a pile on the floor behind him. Diana looking through an opening in the bricks below, holding an unlit candle. There's a lit one on the ledge:
I'm dreaming of delivering your Winterfest candle. Be watching for me! Hold on; I'm coming. Coming to get you for Winterfest!