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Identify Vincent's Costumes

The late Marilyn Howard has left a number of original costumes to fandom, many of which can be readily identified as being worn in specific episodes, but others, not so much. We have photos of a number of Vincent's costumes displayed below (many modeled by the internationally famous model, Bubba), and we are hoping that the collective investigative prowess of the Winterfest Online participants will be able to identify where these costumes appeared in the show.

To get started, you can click on the pictures below, read the comments left already, step through your entire video collection frame by frame until you find a match, and then report your findings in the forms on the following pages. If you have the capability of making screen shots, the ability to upload them is provided. If not, episode title and minutes into the episode would be good. Even a general hint like "Vincent wore that along with a pink tutu and fuzzy bunny slippers" would be appreciated.