Chess Match

Piece by piece, king to castle
One by one they fall.
Kiss by kiss, hold and fondle,
Heart to heart - love's call
Whispers, signs, moans and cries.
Tell me I'm your all:
When we chance Cupid's dance,
Inhibitions fall.

Feel my hands on your chest
fondling and playing.
Flames of passion leap and curl
Consuming - not delaying.
Velvet voice, breathless pledge
Tender words you're saying:
Love be mine for all time
Trust me -  I'm not playing!
From A Kingdom by the Sea

"Vincent....you're hurt."

"It's the kind of hurt that heals easily."
"Tell me what you're feeling.'
"Elliot is a....king in your world?"
"Yes, in a way."
"He can offer you so much: power to do great good, beauties undreamed of; he can walk beside you in the daylight."
"Last night I felt your fear for him...sorrows you shared. Your joy when you knew he was alive, and when death was nearest, when he..."
"When he kissed me."
"Yes, I felt ... that, too."
"I've never felt ...  closer to Elliot than I did last night.  I saw so much of what he's always kept hidden: the boy he once was, the man he could be. We almost died together.  And when he kissed me, just for an instant, some small part of me responded.  And I wished ... I wished that it was ... you."

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