We Must Go With Courage

A Classic Mosaic Story

by Alyssa G., JoAnn Baca, and Debbie H. Bluerose


Father and Vincent were seated in Father’s study with a chess board between them. Devin deliberately had gone the long way around so as to not tip anyone off he was Below. “Checkmate!” he called from the top of the stairs. Father  and Vincent looked up, startled by the unannounced guest.

“Devin?” Vincent stared in disbelief.

“Well, come on down and sit. I see Catherine was able to reach you then.” Father motioned for Devin to take a chair.

Vincent’s stunned gaze darted to Father. Did he say Catherine had contacted Devin?

Devin gave a friendly nod to Father. “Would love to, but need to talk to Vincent here a minute first. Keep the chess board warm.” Eyes intensified as Devin turned to speak to Vincent, holding his gaze.  “Now, brother.”

Vincent began to get an uneasy feeling about all of this, but he merely nodded to Devin as he followed his older brother to the chamber they once shared as boys but now was Vincent’s alone.

“What is this concerning?” Vincent cautiously asked once they were out of earshot of anyone else.

“Catherine,” Devin replied as he crossed his arms.

“What Catherine and I share is not your…” Soft gravel tones included a mild warning tone.

“It is my business when the little lady is so distraught that she tracks me down a country away because my little brother won’t listen to reason.” Devin held up a hand to silence Vincent’s protest. Softening his voice slightly, he continued, “I know you love her. She loves you. Do you even know how special that is? Let me tell you, as I don’t think you get it. I’ve been all over the world and dated more girls than you have probably said hello to in your lifetime, yet not one of them ever looked at me like Catherine does at you. Why do you keep pushing her away?”

Waiting a moment to ensure Devin actually wanted an answer, Vincent whispered, “She deserves more than I can give her.”

Devin went over to the bed and sat down beside Vincent. “You can give her everything that she is asking for. That is a cop-out. Why do you keep pushing her away?” He asked the question again to emphasize he would not take anything but the truth.

“I’m afraid I will harm her.”

The words came so softly that Devin would not have heard them if he had been an inch further away.

“At least that is an honest answer. Now, let’s get down to it. On what evidence do you think you will hurt her?” Devin pushed, knowing Vincent didn’t want to go there, but also knowing if Vincent didn’t then he would never fully allow the relationship with Catherine to flourish.

“Look at these hands!” Vincent shouted in frustration. “They rip flesh, not caress it.”

Devin pretended to be examining Vincent’s claws as if seeing them for the first time, then looked meaningfully into Vincent’s eyes. “These hands have done both. Yes, I know you have killed, but I also know you have comforted children and wiped away tears. Do you love Catherine?”

Vincent looked incredulously at Devin. “How can you even ask? I would give my life for her.”

“Then give her the one thing she is asking for–your love. Risk walking through the fear and bring down the walls. Let her in, Vincent. Let her love you and show her your love in return. She won’t break, but I promise you if you don’t let those walls down soon, something beautiful will be destroyed. “

“I don’t know how.” The graveled voice was strained with tears.

“Then you tell her that, and both of you can learn together. Go to her, Vincent. Or better yet, invite her down here. Put a lantern in the door so no one will disturb you and risk opening up to her. It’s the only way. It’s terrifying, it’s real, and it’s worth it.”

Devin laid a hand on Vincent’s shoulder as he got up to leave. “I need to go help someone with a project, and you need to go to Catherine. Have a little faith.” Devin started for the exit, only looking back once, hoping his words were enough to prompt Vincent to action.


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