We Must Go With Courage

A Classic Mosaic Story

by Alyssa G., JoAnn Baca, and Debbie H. Bluerose


“Wells Handyman Services. When you need a hand, call Wells! How can I help you?"

Catherine smiled as she listened to Devin answering his phone.

"When you wear that heavy tool belt, I hope you hitch those jeans up before you bend over, Mr. Wells," she responded, trying without success to keep the laughter out of her voice.

A startled silence was broken a moment later. "Catherine? Is that you, Chandler?"

"Yes, Devin. How are you and Charles?"

"Fine! Well, this certainly is a surprise," he answered. She could hear the skid of a chair being pulled out as Devin sat down to talk. "I don't recall giving anyone my telephone number."

Catherine felt comfortable slipping into the easy banter. "Oh, you know the long arm of the law. We have our ways."

Devin's voice turned serious. "Is something wrong Below?"

"No, no, nothing like that. I just…need some advice. A friend suggested that someone like you would be the best one to ask."

His voice reflected his confusion, but with characteristic wit, he replied, "Someone…like me? Ruggedly handsome? Male? Living in Canada?"

"None of the above. Just…someone very close to Vincent, someone he admires and would take advice from."

Devin paused before saying, "And you think he admires me?" Genuine surprise lit his voice.

"Devin, you must know he does. You will always be his big brother, someone who dreamed dreams that included him. He's never had that in his life."

"Until you," Devin replied.

"Well…therein lies the problem." Catherine calculated how much to tell Devin. "You see, I may have dreamed a little further than he was ready for…"

He attempted to follow the vague conversation." OK, I have many talents, but mind-reading is not one of them, Chandler. What happened?"

"I asked him if he wanted to kiss me." There was more to it, of course, but that was how it started, and Catherine was beginning to feel uneasy about how Vincent would respond to her sharing this private battle with anyone – even Devin.

Devin sighed, "Let me guess. He fled."

"Exactly." Relief that Devin understood flooded through her.

Now it was Devin's turn to hesitate about how much to disclose, as he didn't know how far Vincent had let Catherine in regarding those years growing up in the tunnels.

"Vincent has always been harder on himself than anyone deserves, and the old man sure didn't help with always harping on what Vincent couldn't do …why everything was too dangerous… And then there was this girl…" Devin trailed off, lost in thought for a moment. The last time Devin had come back to New York, he and Vincent had sat down and really talked, catching each other up on a lifetime apart. Vincent had clammed up when Devin casually asked about his little brother and the ladies, but after some not-so-subtle brotherly poking around, Devin had learned the story of Lisa, and how she was whisked away after an encounter with Vincent. Pascal said it was barely a scratch, but to hear Vincent tell it, he had practically raped her.

Catherine could feel her blood start to boil. "Lisa."

Taken aback a bit, Devin nodded into the phone. "Yeah, that was her name. Guess he told you about her. Well, anyway, he never let any of the ladies close again…till you."

She grasped for any shred of advice that would help her cross this impasse with Vincent. "How do I convince him it's safe to cross that line with me, that I won't hurt him like she did, and that he could never harm me?"

"I'm not sure you can."

Catherine's heart sank at Devin's words.

"But maybe I can. Think there is a flight out of here midday tomorrow I can catch."

His words gave her hope again.

"By the way, how did you track me down?"

"I asked Father for a way to contact you." She smiled, recalling Father's expression.

Surprised yet again, Devin whistled. "Right there shows you that miracles do happen. Don't give up just yet. The cavalry is on its way."

Catherine smiled to herself, happy in the thought that things might finally be heading in the right direction. She let all the love she felt for Vincent, all the hopes she held for them, fill her heart, knowing that through their Bond, it would fill Vincent's heart, too.


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