We Must Go With Courage

A Classic Mosaic Story

by Alyssa G., JoAnn Baca, and Debbie H. Bluerose


Catherine sighed gustily as she slipped into the chair behind her desk. Edie had worked her magic, because Joe had just waved at her absentmindedly as she came in the door, on his way to court and apparently was not surprised at her late return from lunch. She had worked a bit of magic herself, managing to talk to Father without alerting Vincent to her presence in the Tunnels; he was on a work detail far from the Hub, and in any case, she had convinced the sentry she passed not to announce her approach on the pipes.

Clutched in her hand was precious information gleaned from her conversation with Father: the name of the small-town doctor with whom Father had briefly corresponded concerning Charles. Father, perhaps not thinking the return address would be needed again, had been careless with the envelope and it was lost among the stacks and piles of files, records, books and maps that littered his workspace. Catherine felt certain that Edie could locate the doctor's address and phone number in that computer of hers, and with it, she could contact the doctor, or if he felt he couldn't give her that kind of personal information about a patient, she could contact the local police for it. And with Joe out of the office for the rest of the afternoon, now was a good time to begin her research.

Catherine strolled over to Edie's desk with a sly grin. "I take it your lunch mission was a success?"

"It could be…with a little magic from those fingers." Catherine had to restrain herself not to grab Edie's shoulders and scream `For the love of all that is good and right, find this person!'

"Uh huh… what ya got there?" Edie had to admit Catherine's joy was infectious, but she wasn't about to pop the champagne till she knew more of the details.

"Someone that I'm sure you can locate…" Hope started to fall away when Catherine saw the frown on her friend's face.

"Toby Enis … in Merrickville … what the heck place is that?" Edie began shaking her head.

"It's in Canada. Please, I wouldn't ask...” Catherine didn't get the chance to finish that sentence.

"…if it wasn't important. Girl, you have used that line one too many times. Lucky for you, I'm the best. Give me till the end of the day to get back to ya." Fingers began flying across her keyboard.

Mission accomplished. Well, almost accomplished, at least. Catherine sat back down at her own desk and tried to focus on actually getting some work done before Joe returned.

*             *              *

Below, Vincent slowly walked back to his chamber to clean up and fall into bed. He could have sworn he felt Catherine near, almost as if she had been Below. But there was no word of her on the pipes; therefore, he must have merely wished it to be. He had no answers for her, and he didn't know how to face her without them.

Vincent's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Father's voice as he entered the chamber. "Ah, Vincent, you're back. I was hoping you could have a word with Mouse. He says he's working on some big project, but he won't tell anyone what it is. Given his tendency to underestimate the dangers involved in some of his ideas...well, I think some intervention might be in order. Jamie's already tried, but the only thing he'll tell her is that it's a surprise for you and Catherine."

The sudden lifting of Vincent's face, as well as the shock evidenced there, brought Father up short. "What is it? Are you all right?"


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