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Our dear friend and renowned and prolific artist, Sandy Chandler Shelton, loved and lived Beauty and the Beast, and it was very important to her to encourage new artists. So for the 6th year, we feature a selection of Beauty and the Beast art by DeviantArt artists. Please consider following Chan's example: click through to the artists' DeviantArt pages and leave them a word of thanks or praise. (In case you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Chan's art, you'll find her DeviantArt gallery here.)

Pictures below are posted with the permission of the artist. (Thank you, artists!) Enjoy!

KanaHyde - Beauty and the Beast

Timedancer - Beauty and the Beast

Elf-Fin Beauty n the Beast bw Szekeres

TheContemplativeMonk - Vincent and Catherine

TheContemplativeMonk - sketch Vincent and Catherine

Mavrosh - Vincent

Tarotshama - Vincent

happinesssince1992 -  Vincent and Catherine

MakingAshes11 - Vincent as a child

MakingAshes11 - Vincent Thoughtful

mytruemask - Vincent

applebunny - Vincent vs Beast

applebunny - Vincent Among the Pipes

applebunny - Vincent "Formal" outfit

applebunny - Vincent vs Beast

applebunny - Vincent Doodle

Erica-Danes - hiding his face from strangers

Erica-Danes - Beast in the mist
Erica-Danes - two different oceans

Erica-Danes - the protector

Erica-Danes - Her name is... Catherine

KatBjorky - Beauty and the Beast

KatBjorky - Batb dvd cover

KatBjorky - BATB Balcony

KatBjorky - Catherine close-up

KatBjorky - 'Hold Me'

KatBjorky - 'Orphans' scene cap

KatBjorky - Anniversary

KatBjorky - I'm not scared

KatBjorky - Notebook excerpt

KatBjorky - The first kiss

KatBjorky - Catherine

Sweetrosali - The beauty and the beast

Hearts Desire
My Forever Love

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