Shiny, Pretty Things

Jodie Boyle



Arthur is on a quest. My goal is to find something special to wear. Mouse told me, “Arthur, you must look pretty for Winterfest…ok good, ok fine?”


There are many bright and shining things in this room. Pieces of metal, lights, tinsel, candy wrappers. But nothing catches my eye. I go in search of the perfect item, visiting my humans, Mary and Father, and Mouse’s friend, Jamie.


No fun. Nothing found. Many people shout, “Arthur!” when I try to take something.  Why do they talk angry? It hurts my ears.


The night of Winterfest arrives, and I notice Mouse looks different.


“Mouse going to dance with Jamie. Jamie, you dance with Mouse? Ok good…ok fine.” My friend seems nervous and keeps dropping things on the floor. He counts “one, two, three, step, one, two, three, together,” over and over again.


Mouse scratches behind Arthur’s ears, and Arthur nudges Mouse’s hand happily.  Together, we head toward the Great Hall, with me taking in the view from up high, on my friend’s shoulder.


Very windy! Hold on tight! Don’t drop Arthur! Down the steps, into the dark, then light. Lots of light. New people. Different from Mouse; they live far away. Lots to eat. William makes pies, roast beef. Arthur likes food, sometimes takes home for later.


Vincent talks to Mouse, but although Vincent listens, he watches Arthur’s other friend, the human called Catherine. Pretty lady. Always good to Arthur and Mouse.


The music starts. Father and Mary dance. Jamie and Mouse dance. Vincent holds Catherine’s hand; they dance now. Vincent stands very close to her. It must be ticklish, when he touches her shoulder, then her waist.


That’s when Arthur sees it…


By candlelight Arthur spies Catherine wearing a crystal. It sparkles. So lovely. Arthur wants to wear it. Now Arthur can’t see it, because she is sleeping, her head against Vincent’s shoulder.


Arthur needs this shiny, pretty thing. Mouse will play with me more once he sees how ok good…ok fine Arthur looks. Mouse is coming. Hurry! I creep towards the dance area, darting in between the moving legs. Vincent and the lady, Catherine, are putting their faces together. Good time to take it. Up the dress I go - feet, legs, tummy. Almost there! I draw my sharp nails and swipe at the necklace.


I am flying through the air. Lucky Mouse catches me. Catherine makes a squeaky sound and now she, Vincent and Mouse all make angry noise, shouting.




Arthur sorry, Mouse. I wanted to look pretty. Will you still be my friend? Ok good…ok fine?


Mouse scratches behind my ears. Vincent and Catherine grin.


Arthur is happy…


The End 



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