The Two of Us ... In the Sunshine

Vincent, Catherine, under a tree, overlooking the lake

Vincent in a meadow, face tipped to the sun


"If only it could last forever."

The breeze teased his hair. His eyes mirrored the blue sky, his smile the joy in  her heart.

"It can. It will. We'll come back. I'll never let this place go, Vincent. It's ours now. I knew, all along. It would take only an instant."

"It took you, Catherine. Only you." He sighed and tipped his face to the sun.





Of Being

I know this happiness
is provisional:

the looming presences–
great suffering, great fear–

withdraw only
into peripheral vision:

but ineluctable this shimmering
of wind in the blue leaves:

this flood of stillness
widening the lake of sky:

this need to dance,
this need to kneel:

this mystery:

~ Denise Levertov  ~

Catherine and Vincent, facing each other, lakeside at a dock, a wooden boat in the water.


read by Vicky

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Vicky         2/13/2012 6:28:18 AM
Thank you, everyone!

Rosemarie S.         2/12/2012 8:14:38 AM
Beautiful, Vicky, thank you!

Nessa         2/11/2012 6:30:59 AM
Que bonito Vicky..demuestras tantos sentimientos. Me ha encantado!

Pablo         2/10/2012 8:24:15 PM
Vicky, Vicky! Entre oìrte cantar y recitar poemas, crèeme que no sè con cual de las dos cosas quedarme... abrazos y felicitaciones!

Michelle K.         2/10/2012 5:30:06 PM
This one gave me chills! Your reading is magnificent, Vicky, but in addition to the beautiful reading and poetry, we have this segment of the story ... and Vincent's words ... "It took, Catherine. Only you." Sigh.

Jeff D.         2/10/2012 2:04:09 PM
Absolutely beautiful, Vicky!

LauraG         2/10/2012 5:45:12 AM
Vicky, I'm loving your readings, and these lovely paintings as well!