Their Happiness

Catherine, waking in bed, looking over with such tenderness

The afternoon sun glides in, keen rays through jeweled leaves. They wake together. Together.



A man and a woman lie on a white bed.
It is morning. I think
Soon they will waken.
On the bedside table is a vase
of lilies; sunlight
pools in their throats.
I watch him turn to her
as though to speak her name
but silently, deep in her mouth–
At the window ledge,
once, twice
a bird calls.
And then she stirs; her body
fills with his breath.

I open my eyes; you are watching me.
Almost over this room
the sun is gliding.
Look at your face, you say,
holding your own close to me
to make a mirror.
How calm you are. And the burning wheel
passes gently over us.

~ Louise Glück ~




The Infinite One


Do you see these hands?
They have measured Earth,
they have separated mineral from mineral,
cereal from cereal,
They have made peace and war,
they have conquered the distances
of all seas and all rivers

And still,
when they roam
over you, little one,
grain of wheat, swallow,
they cannot encompass you.

They embrace until exhaustion
the twin doves
that rest or fly upon your breast,
they travel the distance of your legs,
they coil in the light of your waist.

To me you are a treasure, greater
and more costly than the sea and its branches
and you are white and blue and vast
as Earth at Harvest Time.

In this territory,
from your feet to your brow,
I want to spend life,
wandering, always wandering.

~ Pablo Neruda ~


Happiness read by Carole W

The Infinite One read by Wayne Kelley

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Carole W         2/13/2012 8:11:51 AM
Thanks, everyone. I'm really glad you enjoyed this project. Your kind comments are so treasured.

Rosemarie S.         2/12/2012 8:25:59 AM
Beautiful, Carole & Wayne! Thanks so much. : )

Julia Passamonti-Colamartino         2/12/2012 6:12:53 AM
Just...WOW, BOTH of you! Thanks so much :)

Pablo         2/10/2012 8:27:50 PM
Thank You so much Carole and Wayne, beautiful reading!

Michelle K.         2/10/2012 5:26:51 PM
Oh my, such gorgeous reading yet again! Be still my heart!

Jeff D.         2/10/2012 2:04:28 PM
Thank you Carole and Wayne!

uastis(Esther)         2/9/2012 12:12:59 PM
I am learning about new poets and you read lovely Carole! Thanks!

Aliset         2/9/2012 11:50:24 AM
Ahhhh...two poems and Neruda to boot? Be still, my heart. This has definitely been one of my favorite poetry projects...I can't wait to see where else you take us :)

LauraG         2/9/2012 5:33:33 AM
Ahhhh... Not one, but *two* poems, and one of them Neruda! LOVE!