Story of the Storm

Vincent, running over the Bow Bridge in Central Park, nighttime

All the days passed; who knew the number yet to come. Each a gift. We can't waste it. We can't.

We won't.

He must hurry, the night already hours old, the dark his necessity. The work, the arrangements, would be hers alone to complete. Would he be too late?


Vincent's face, close-up, speaking earnestly to Catherine

Within, beyond the billowing curtains, she paced the floor of her apartment. A thump. A rustle of leaves. Before he could raise his fist to tap, she was in his arms. "You're here."

"I'm here. Catherine ..."

He whispered his words against her cheek; his kiss was sun and air. At last.Catherine's face, close-up, listening intently

"I'll meet you at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the entrance there," she said, as he took his leave. "We'll take the Hudson to 95 to avoid the toll at the bridge, then 87 out of town. It's not quite a two hour drive. Three hours from now, Vincent ... we'll be there."




The True Love

There's a faith in loving fiercely
the one who is rightfully yours
especially if you have
waited years and especially
if part of you never believed
you could deserve this
loved and beckoning hand held
out to you this way.

I am thinking of faith now
and the testaments of loneliness
and what we feel we are
worthy of in this world.

Years ago in the Hebrides
I remember an old man
who would walk every morning
on the gray stones
to the shore of baying seals,
who would press his hat
to his chest in the blustering
salt wind and say his prayer
to the turbulent Jesus
hidden in the waters.

And I think of the story
of the storm and everyone
waking and seeing
the distant
yet familiar figure
far across the water
calling to them,

and how we are all
preparing for that abrupt waking
and that calling
and that moment
when we have to say yes,
except it will not come so grandly,
so biblically,
but more subtly,
and intimately in the face
of the one you know
you have to love,

so that when we finally step out of the boat
toward them we find
everything holds us,
and everything confirms our courage,
and if you wanted to drown, you could,
but you don't

because finally
after all the struggle
and all the years,
you don't want to any more.
You've simply had enough
of drowning
and you want to live and you
want to love and you will
walk across any territory,
and any darkness,
however fluid and however
dangerous, to take the
one hand you know
belongs in yours.
~ David Whyte ~

The House of Belonging

read by Carole W

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Carole W         2/13/2012 8:09:51 AM
Thank you, everyone, for the kind responses to the reading of this poem. David Whyte is an incredible poet.

        2/12/2012 10:14:45 AM
This creation,all the beauty in The Poem(s) of the Day, is Winterfest in is truest incarnation. Nothing more is needed.

Julia Passamonti-Colamartino         2/12/2012 6:05:26 AM
Beautifully read, so much feeling, I am most touched. Thank you Carole :)

Claire         2/8/2012 9:26:21 AM

Enchanted         2/7/2012 11:36:53 PM
Ooooo.....{{grabbing the tissues}}}} Carole that was amazing I love this poem

Jeff D.         2/7/2012 8:27:31 PM
Such a beautiful reading, Carole. Thank you so much!

Heather A.         2/7/2012 7:52:46 PM
I read this poem yesterday, and it made me cry. Today I wondered if it was just my mood yesterday, or if it was the poem. It was the poem. I'm sniffling again... Beautiful reading, Carole.

Rosemarie S.         2/7/2012 4:31:00 PM
Thank you, Carole, for a lovely reading - this poem really touches my heart! : )

luna         2/7/2012 7:16:52 AM
wooooonderful. wow. thx.

Vicky         2/6/2012 9:04:32 PM
Oh, Carole, this was beautiful! So full of emotion... And the story... I can't wait to advance with them in this wonderful journey!

Pablo         2/6/2012 5:14:15 PM
Oh, Carole me gustò cada una de las palabras de este poema. Tan complejo y a la vez tan delicado y hermoso, tan apasionado! Felicitaciones! Increìble lectura! / Oh Carole I've loved every single word of this poem! So intrincate yet so delicate and lovely, such passion! Congratulations! Awesome reading!

Joyce E         2/6/2012 5:18:02 PM
Beautiful poem and beautiful reading, Carole! Thank you so much for sharing this.

LauraG         2/6/2012 5:03:52 PM
Beautiful choice and so beautifully read! Thank you, Carole!

Linda S         2/6/2012 4:40:16 PM
Beautiful reading, Carole. Such a moving poem, and so appropriate for our couple.

Edith         2/6/2012 1:01:03 PM

Cyndi         2/6/2012 9:21:49 AM
I could listen to you read all day! Loving truly does take courage... you want to live and you want to love and you will walk across any territory, and any darkness, however fluid and however dangerous, to take the one hand you know belongs in yours. I love that!

Aliset         2/6/2012 6:41:26 AM
What an absolutely lovely---and appropriate---poem. "You've simply had enough of drowning and you want to live and you want to love..." Oh, Carole...thank you for taking us on this journey. :)

Michelle K.         2/6/2012 6:12:05 AM
Oops, that should be *sieze* all you deserve. LOL. Early morning and my brain do not mix.

Michelle K.         2/6/2012 6:07:08 AM
Yes! That moment when you stop fighting, when you stop drowning ... when life and love become your passion and you cease all that you deserve! Beautiful reading, Carole!

Bryan Kroeger/Tim Rooch         2/6/2012 1:34:04 AM
Such a quietly, passionate poem. Fireworks last only a moment,love lasts a lifetime. Carole, your steady, calm reading underlines the streadfastness and durability of that love.

Rusty/RNB         2/6/2012 12:26:50 AM
This is my bedtime tale, the thing dreams ate made of! Thank you