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B&B Cross-Stitch

Once again, Angie has created a beautiful B&B cross-stitch pattern for us. To view and print the pattern file, get the free pattern viewer from Hobbyware.

To download the pattern file, right-click the pattern file and choose Save as.

Or, instead, left-click the zip file.

Technical difficulties?
No two browsers are alike. Internet explorer won't let you download the pat file, but the zip file should work. Both work in Firefox and Chrome.

If these options don't work for you, contact us and we'll email you the file.

If you're using Firefox, are you sure you right-clicked the link and chose Save As? Left clicking doesn't work.

If you have a Mac, the pattern viewer software won't help you. Here's a pdf of what prints from the pattern viewer and a screenshot of the program.
WFOL 2011 Vincent behind Catherine, his arms around her, standing in a lighted tunnel opening; 2 Winterfest candles, a heart; Share the Light