There's a whole world of tunnels and chambers ...

We try to live as well as we can. We try to take care of each other.
It's a refuge, where the disillusioned regain their vision, where the lost become found. Where each of us can explore the best of our being.

It's our city ... down here.


But we know so little about the community, about the lives lived Above before.
Why did these people come below? When?

We heard snippets: Cullen lost his wife; Kanin fled his crime. We know Mouse was found – saved – but little else. We never heard Rebecca's story or Sarah's, or Kipper's or Samantha's and even parts of Michael's and Lisa's are muddled.

We know Eric's story and Ellie's ... Lena's. We can't leave it at that!


Come Below. Pull a chair close to the brazier. Pour a cup of tea.

Nine characters, nine authors' imaginings ...

The Hearthside Stories explore these mysteries.


Open the secret door.
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