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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Welcome to the last official day of Winterfest Online 2011! It’s hard to believe that it was more than a week ago that we all entered the Great Hall to begin our celebration of Beauty and the Beast.

On this last day, there is still so much to do and see.

Drop in the Game Nook and see the dragons in Sudoku. Hear that pesky raccoon chatter at you again. Stop in the Helpers Nook and ask the Tunnel Dwellers any last questions. The eBay auctions have concluded, but you may still donate directly to our 2011 charity. Please visit the Helpers Nook for information about Global Links and please, please consider making a contribution. If you haven’t visited the Mirror Pool, take a quiet moment and pay your last respects. The Circle has grown over these last nine days. The painted tunnels still have plenty of room for new art. Read the last poem of the day, the last chapters of the Round Robins, the last Hearthside stories and add to the mosaic stories. And if you haven't read the daily challenges written by your fellow fans, you need to get over there pronto. Answer the last question of the day. Take the last poll of the day. Write the last daily challenge. The word that keeps popping up is “last.” Make this last day of WFOL 2011, a day to remember and a lasting memory.

We have one last treat for you. In the Gallery, check out the lovely Winterfest 2011 cross stitch bookmark pattern Angie sent us.

Oh, and scrabbling around the tunnels, you have probably gotten a bit dirty. Feel free to stop in the Bathing Chambers and clean up before heading home.

We’ll be posting the closing ceremonies later, so stay tuned.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Happy weekend, Winterfest guests!

As Winterfest approaches its close, we remind you to check out everything you haven't seen yet, and if you need any help with anything, by all means, don't hesitate to ask for it! See the Contact Us page in the Helpers Nook for all the ways you can reach us.

New in the gallery today you'll find Deviantart. Continuing Chan's tradition of presenting to you some of her favorite DeviantArt BATB artists, we've assembled a little page of BATB works. We thank the artists for their permission to post them here. Chan often took time to let the other artists know when she enjoyed their work. If you find things you like, you might consider continuing her efforts. Who knows what a little encouragement might do for an artist who already enjoys drawing our favorite characters?

This afternoon at 2 pm EST is the annual talent show! We've picked out a new tool, and I guess we'll find out if it works. (No install necessary.) If you will be performing, please arrive an hour early at the Simple Chatroom, at 1 pm EST for a mike check. We'll post the chatroom link later today.

Have fun, folks!

Friday, 4 February 2011


Good Grief. It’s Friday! Where has the week gone?

We still seem to have treasure hunters running around, to say nothing of all the others loose in the tunnels. Elizabeth is enjoying her visitors in the painted tunnels, Mouse is having fun sharing the widely varied collections in his chamber, Vincent is enjoying the poetry readings in the amphitheater, the children and a lot of the adults are trying out the games, William is showing off his latest recipes to Mary, and Father has been enjoying all the interest in the library. He did seem a little concerned about a few stories he caught Brooke reading, though.

Today we're adding to the Gallery. You'll find a large collection of photos taken at the Beauty and the Beast sets. See how many things you recognize. You may also get a peek behind some of the magic we saw on screen. You'll also find a magazine article with an insider's perspective on the set design and construction.

Meanwhile, we're doing a little treasure hunting of our own. We have something we'd like to post, but it requires the permission of two people we haven't been able to find. Does anybody know how to contact Angelique van het Kaar? And, we'd like to find somebody who can speak for Mickey Sayles who, sadly, has joined The Circle and is no longer with us physically. If you have any hints that could help us with our hunting, please let us know.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 3 February 2011


So you’re back again?! Good.

We hope everyone enjoyed the Treasure Hunt yesterday. If you're still wandering through the Treasure Hunt or just now getting to it, though, help is still available. You only need to ask.

After all that excitement yesterday, we thought you might want a calmer treat for today. Finally Online presents a zine called The Hat on the Bench in Central Park. It’s a collection of stories that gave several different writers the same subject matter and let them to decide how they would develop it into a story. No need for hunting beyond the library this morning. Just look for Finally Online.

By now, you’ve found poetry readings in the beautifully illustrated Poem of the Day section, Music Universalis, in the library. If that leaves you wanting to hear more, you’ll find ample new opportunity in the new Listening Chamber in the Amphitheater.

Needless to say, you can always jump into our updated various activities of the day. Like Winterfest itself, they wouldn’t be the same without you.

Have fun!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Good morning!

Happy Groundhog Day. We hope you’re busy enough enjoying Winterfest that you’re not worrying about how many days are left of Winter. That would be for the best, because it seems that Punxsutawney Phil has escaped and is meandering around the tunnels.
We hear he was last spotted in the Maze. If you’d like to check on him, take a peek in the game nook. You might enjoy playing in the maze yourself. (Just don’t tell Father.)

If you passed on the videos at the opening of Winterfest when things were moving more slowly, you might want to go back to the amphitheater and try again. There’s quite a selection this year.

We’re sure that, by now, you’re aware of our daily doings in the Conversation Corner, and we hope you’ll continue to participate. The Hearthside has a new story, and the Round Robins both have new chapters.

Just to clear up any confusion, when and if there is anything in the Bathing chambers, you'll hear about it on the pipes. It's likely you'll have to hunt for it, because we want those who prefer to avoid such things to be able to do so. However, when the time comes, anybody who finds their way there can just walk in -- no waiting. If you've seen any Bathing Chamber sites already this Winterfest, you found them in the Mirror Pool on Sandy Chandler Shelton's art page. No need to worry. You haven't missed any current excitement in the Bathing Chamber.

And one of the most anticipated games starts today, too. It’s time for the Treasure Hunt!
To begin, you’ll need to open chambers and look for the treasure chest icon. Each of the sites that follow will have a similar icon which will take you to their Treasure Hunt activities. We know that some of you may object to the steamier sites and not want to participate when you come to one of those, so there will be a link to take you around them. One of the more difficult activities offers an escape, too, for the faint of heart or the excessively impatient. The original idea behind the Treasure Hunt was to introduce you to sites you may have missed…new places that might catch your interest. So, if you see a place that looks interesting but you’re too focused on that treasure to stop and look around, bookmark it while you’re there and come back to it after your hunt has been successful.

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello, party goers!

We hope all of you are still having fun.

Have you ever wondered what became of some of the cast members from our favorite show? Kipper, for instance? Well, you’re in luck. You’ll find one of today’s new treats in the amphitheater. You’ll find an interview with a successful, adult Cory Danziger, who has pleasant memories of his days as Kipper when he was a child actor in Beauty and the Beast.

The Game Nook has a new game for you. - Pictograms. More rectangles, more fun.

Remember the daily questions, polls, challenges, chuckles, etc. Those are updated every day. Hearthside stories will tell you about a new character each day, and don’t forget the next chapters of the Round Robins. Check the chat schedule, too. You might find something there to enjoy, or just find someone to talk to in the chatroom.

Our charity page in the Helper's Nook is updated each day, if you’d like to see the progress so far; and the e-bay charity auctions are available for those of you who might be interested in those items. All auction proceeds will go to Global Links.

We’ll get out of your way now.

Enjoy the Great Hall.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Greetings and Salutations!

The weekend may be over but the party continues!

Our fandom has been graced with an amazing number of talented artists, one of which is Rosemarie Hauer. Stop in the Gallery and enjoy a feast for the eyes has Winterfest Online presents two of Rosemarie's calendars.

Brand new this year in the Game Nook is Frame Games. Try your hand at unraveling these word puzzles. Who knew a simple rectangular frame could hold so much fun.

Our auction items are up so be sure to check them out. The link is on our Charity page in the Helpers Nook.

Just a quick reminder. There is a new Hearthside story in William's kitchen, new chapters for the Round Robins, new polls to take, new questions to be answered, new poems to be read, new daily challenges to be written and new friends to meet in the chats.

Enjoy your day in the tunnels!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

SundayWelcome to day two of WFOL!

Although we would be surprised if you managed to enjoy everything WF had to offer yesterday, we have added a few new “dishes” for you to sample.

How many of us have pictured ourselves in Vincent’s chamber wondering about all the interesting items scattered about his room? Wonder no more. Stop in Vincent’s room and find out why he has kept these special keepsakes.

Is there a question you would like to pose to someone in the tunnels? Your opportunity awaits in the helpers’ nook. You never know who will answer your question or what their response might be.

Off you go.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Good morning, you beautiful BATB fans! We are overjoyed that you've come to Winterfest Online 2011, and we hope you have as much fun visiting as we have had preparing! We're counting on your enthusiasm to get this party off to a good start. :-)

Remember, from year to year the ways change. A site map is available in the Helper's Nook, a pretty good tool if you're looking for specific activities and can't remember where to find them.

If, in your excitement, you by-passed the opening ceremonies, please consider going back later. You may find you missed something you would enjoy.

If you like to express your opinions about BATB subjects, don't miss our Question of the Day and Poll of the Day, or consider joining the conversations in the Yahoo Group or the chatrooms. Would you like to share your literary creativity? Try our Daily Challenges. Do you enjoy a little break for some foolishness? Check out the Chuckle of the Day or play some games. Remember that when you participate, not only do you have more fun, you could also be adding to someone else's.

The gallery holds pleasures of sight, the amphitheater holds pleasures of sound, and the library holds pleasures of BATB literature. ("It's good to read. Father said.")

We've sprinkled Chan's art amply throughout Winterfest, in tribute to her. Her art is being used with permission of her family; contact for more information.

Our charity this year is Global Links. Look in the Helpers Nook to learn its mission, why we thought it to be a worthwhile cause, and how you can help.

There are activities we haven't mentioned here, and you'll find mysterious 'empty' places scattered about the Great Hall. New presentations will appear during the week, so remember to check in here in the Pipe Chamber for announcements of these Special Treats.

Ready? Go on, now. Get out there and explore.

Happy Winterfest!