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Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

The second column contains hints. They're written in black on black so they don't spoil any fun before you're ready. To see the text, use your mouse to slowly select it.

1. Find the start of the hunt! It's in one of the main chambers of the great hall.

Another hint?

It's in Vincent's Chamber.

Still don't see it?

Look behind him. It has a purple outline. Click it.
2. Find Vincent

# of funny messages:
Beach 8
Buckingham Palace 12
Trafalgar Square 12
Eiffel Tower 13
Notre Dame 16
Trevi Fountain 9
Toronto 10
Antarctica 14
Follow the instructions given to find Vincent. Take my advice and click on everything! A tired candlemaker can be extremely entertaining!

A box will pop up offering help. If you refuse it and then change your mind, just refresh the page and it will come again - F5.

If you accepted help and now you're confused by the numbers, understand that Vincent is at 0,0. If the box obscures your view of him, press F5 to get rid of it.

Once you get the You found him box, click on the red text instead of the Close button.
3. The Museum huntThe general idea of this hunt is to learn to use the features of the Museum, especially the Search feature.
Museum Clue #1Click the Options button and then the treasure chest at the bottom of the page.
Museum Clue #2Those things sound like recipes to me. How about you?

Search for recipes or cookbook. Open the item it finds and click the treasure chest.
Museum Clue #3Search for calendar. Scroll down to find the card one. Open and click the treasure chest.
Museum Clue #4Search for Tamara.
Museum Clue #5Search for bench.
Museum Clue #6Hmm. Platinum is better than what metal?

Search for gold.

Or gold record.
Museum Clue #7Search for bust. Scroll down to the Clare one. You know the drill.
Museum Clue #8playing cards
Museum Clue #9This is the one that tripped up practically everyone, including most of the candlemakers! First clue - the he is not Vincent, nor Father, nor any regular cast member, but a guest character.

No, not Dmitri. That Highlander reference got me too! He'll always be with us in spirit.

Think of a character who gave something to Catherine, but asked for it back, because he only had one.

Search for Kristopher.
Museum Clue #10You gotta know how this works by now! Search for winterfest candle, of course!
Museum Clue LastClick on the Add new button. That was an easy one!
Who Is It? What episode?Easy peasy, 123sy! Answer the questions in your head, then click hint to see if you're right. Don't skip the reading though, or you'll miss out on Lynn Wright's wonderful sense of humor!
Imagine ThatFind the treasure chest. Under it click the click here link. Then follow the directions. If, like me, you're too lazy to get up and look for paper and pencil, you can always pop up an instance of Notepad or something. Make it small so you can still see the page behind it.

Well, yes of course, this is work! Do you think we're going to give you your treasure on a silver platter? Get to decoding now!

Oh, all right! It translates to:
Know this, catherine... I carry your heart. Now look for that in the sidebar. Hint: just the second part of the phrase. Again, if you're lazy, you can press Ctrl-F and type it in and let your browser do the grunt work. Click on it when you find it.
Imagine That puzzle 2You can't get this one either?! I bet you could if you tried a little harder, my dear!

Fine, it's Oh, our sweet interludes. Now get to searching in that sidebar again.

Just for interludes.
Imagine That puzzle 3Those 2 screencaps are anniversary ones. And you know when that is? In April, which day?

The 12th. So you want the number 12.

Still no good? The phrase is

I long for our meeting at night.
Imagine That puzzle 4Did you guess the word? Hint: It's been remodeled between one screencap and the next.

It's balcony, of course.

The phrase is:
My life, my heart. the only gift.

After you finish looking at the yummy picture, scroll down and remember to click on the click here and not the picture of the treasure chest.
New Orleans con triviaTrue/False questions. Answer true, answer false, don't answer at all, you come to the same next page. Read though, this is interesting stuff! Besides some tired candlemakers spent hours putting this together for you!
Steam Tunnels activityEasy and fun! Wondering what you might see? Nothing worse than a bare breast. You can see those on billboards in Europe!
Everything project First you have to figure out where to start. Hint: you're looking for a box. Not quite a treasure chest, but quite a nice box.

Magnetic poetry! Fun! Drag the words up onto the lines. Use the Check button to see if your answer is right.

Shakespeare knew everything. Now click Next game of the hunt.

Who is Catherine? She is everything?

Can I lead you through the dark? There is no darkness, Vincent, when I'm with you.

Sometimes we must leave our safe places and walk empty-handed among our enemies.

And over our heads will float the bluebird, singing of beautiful and impossible things. Of things that are lovely and that never happen. Of things that are not and that should be.

Next, you're going to drag the screencaps over to the box containing the episode name. You're on your own on these. If you surrender, continue by clicking Next game of the hunt.
Fanfic database huntMuch like the museum hunt, you learn to use the features of the fanfic database here, again, especially the Search feature.
Fanfic db clue #1Just like in the museum, click on Options, scroll down, click the treasure chest.
Fanfic db clue #2Just like in the museum, click on Add new.
Fanfic db clue #3Get searching - Kaleidoscope, of course. Remember to search by Title.
Fanfic db clue #4Search for heart, by Title again

What you don't see it? On the next page maybe?
Fanfic db clue #5I think this is the most requested hint in the whole treasure hunt! Worse even than the Kristopher one in the museum.

I bet you searched for turtles. So did I. But that's the wrong story!

Search by Title.

Search for just the initials T.M.N.T - by Title.
Batbforever Scripts huntLeave it to our Italian friend to always give us a challenge! :-D Read the instructions thorougly, and remember that after you choose an episode, you want the text version of the script, not the pdf version, and not the transcription.
Batbforever question 1Is that a cool scene or what?! Too bad they didn't film it, huh? No guesses on the episode?

It's Terrible Savior. Now you're looking for a word in that text script, a word for a thing we never saw in the show.

Still no luck? The word is rat.

Work smarter and press Ctrl-F to let your browser do the searching.
Batbforever question 2The episode is...

A Children's Story, of course.

This is an easy one. Find that last line and click on it.
Batbforever question 3The episode is...

The Beast Within. But you got that, right? The docks and all.

You're hunting for the Rum Tum Tugger.
Batbforever question 4Some thought this one was the easiest, and others thought it was hard. You be the judge.

The episode is easy enough to guess - the Pilot.

The word you're looking for is....

right. Ah! Of course, the scar is on the left side of her face. We must not have been reading closely enough!
Batbforever question 5Again, pretty easy to guess the episode:

Nor Iron Bars a Cage

But lots of folks got stuck here. Hint. Think about furniture

Search for chair or bed.
The end!All finished! Wasn't that fun?