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How can we help you?

If there's something at Winterfest that you're having trouble with, please contact us and we'll help you as best we can.
  • Your first, best choice is to drop a message in the WFOL yahoogroup. There will be someone there to hear your message pretty much around the clock. If no one there at the time can help you, you're at least likely to have friendly company while you wait. (You don't need to join the group or make any kind of commitment to it in order to post.)
  • Similarly, you may find helpful folks in the chatroom.
  • If you're too shy to post on a list or you'd rather not share your concern with everyone, send us an email at our usual address: Contrary to popular belief, the candlemakers DO require at least some sleep, so it might be several hours until we can get back to you. ;-)
  • If you use Yahoo Messenger, another way of contacting us is by sending an IM to jecris27 or vickychandler87. Depending on time of day, we may reply semi-immediately or not for several hours.
  • Finally, if you're a Skype user, you may contact vickychandler87 on Skype.