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The background is a picture of a tree in central park in the foreground, with other trees in the background. It looks like it is autumn, because there are leaves on the ground and there are sparse leaves on the trees in the background.  In the foreground there is a large tree that is growing in an L shape, with the bottom of the trunk leaning to the right and the center to the top growing straight up.  There are also several large branches on the tree too. On the left side of the picture there are two inset pictures, one above the other, both the same size and cover about one third of the whole picture.  The top picture is Vincent standing beside a candelabra of 6 tall tapered candles, all lit.  He has his quilted (moving van blanket) vest on with his cloak and his hood is up, but not covering his face.  He seems to be standing in the entrance to a chamber.  The bottom picture is of Catherine and Vincent standing in front of the hall where she walks through the light to the access to her apartment.  The picture is from the pilot, but Catherine doesn't have any cuts on her face and her dress and cape aren't torn.  The hood of her cape is down and she has her hand on Vincent's chest and is looking up into Vincent's face.  Vincent is facing out, not looking at Catherine.  His hood is up, but only covers about a third of his head.  He has the quilted vest on.  Centered on the picture the word Winterfest is written in an off white color. The "Wi" of Winterfest starts between the two inset pictures.  The whole picture is a dark sepia tone.

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Elizabeth painting
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