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Pascal's Legacy

Remember what Pascal said about the pipes and the codes?

'A tradition of work and honor passed down from my father to me. A system of communication. A way in which we can always be connected. I continue what he began so many years ago, so that those that come after will remember him long after I'm gone. I was born here. This is my birthright. And my legacy.'

In honor of Pascal and to test your own code-breaking skills, try out our

Cryptogram of the Day

(Instructions below.)

How it works:

Select the blue letters to identify which letter you think has been substituted for what.

Select the letter from the cryptogram from the top set of letters and the letter you think it represents from the bottom set.

It doesn't matter which you select first.

Once you have selected a letter from both sets the page will automatically update.

If you make a mistake you can either just select the right letter or change letters back to dashes. If you really make a mess of it, you can always press F5 to reload the page.

The frequency chart underneath will display the number of occurrences of each of the encrypted letters in the entire phrase.

It also displays those letters you have already decrypted.

There's a new puzzle every day, so be sure to come back tomorrow.