Return to Great Hall

By Alyssa G.

Sung to the tune of "Be Our Guest"
from Disney's Beauty and the Beast
"Be our Guest" music starts at 20 sec

Bit of an introduction/explanation… Picture this as something the children Below might have come up with to sing at Winterfest in honor of the Helpers…
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with gratitude and heartfelt joy that we welcome you to our tunnels. And now we invite you to relax and join us as the Great Hall proudly presents – Winterfest!

To have you here is the best
Bring your candle to our table, dear,
And we will do the rest.
Dancing lights
To light your way
We’ve been working night and day
Our Rebecca is the greatest
For her candles, she is famous!
We will laugh
We will dance
May I take you by the hand?
And the music here is really quite the best
Will you share a waltz with me?
Please say you’ll dance with me
No raccoons
He’s been banned
But the food is really grand
There’s William, he cooks and bakes
We try to sample all his cakes
You’re new here
Don’t be scared
For our Helpers we’re prepared
For their love we are rejoicing
Their light and warmth’s, what we’re cheering
We share tales
Our stories
Of our hallowed beginnings
Our dark times of long ago
They’re in the past
Paracelcus is gone
It’s safe to come along
To Winterfest
So don’t fuss
You will be safe with us at
Life would be depressing
If your friendships we’d be missing
You mean quite a lot to all of us Below
Oh, we are so glad you are in our lives
Loneliness would be no fun at all
Year long we’ve been planning
To thank you for all you’re doing
Giving happiness and joy to all our lives
You’re there for us when we need you Below
Such joy that you’re coming
You walk in and it’s a party!
Goodness sakes, what a mess
Cullen needs to make repairs
On all the tables and the chairs
The children
Run about
To our friends, without a doubt
Our candles, they are sending
For our Helpers, we are missing
It’ll be fun
It’ll be grand
Once you’re here and right at hand
There is so much to do
To be ready for you
Soon’s Winterfest
Our Helpers are the greatest
If not for their love and helping hands
We’d be a mess!
So come soon
Right away
How about coming today?
There’s just something great in knowing
To Winterfest
You are going
Step by step
Down we’ll go
Bundle up, the wind does blow!
Lift the beam and in you’ll go through the darkness
So come and walk right in now
Celebrate, it’s time for
Yes, Winterfest!

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