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Chan used to make a list of Deviant Art favorites to show to all of you at Winterfest. This year Deb volunteered to go looking for favorite Beauty and the Beast DeviantArt. (Some of Deb's picks are also in Chan's deviantart favorites).

Please consider accepting Chan's advice, visiting the pages of the DeviantArt artists you enjoy, and leaving them a comment of appreciation and/or encouragement.

Pictures below are posted with the permission of the artist. (Thanks, artists!) No one we contacted refused permission, but we didn't get a reply from some. For them, we've included just a text link to their deviantart page. Enjoy!

bluespiritgal - Vincent in a quiet moment

bluespiritgal - Vincent graphic from sketch

bluespiritgal - Vincent Portrait Sketch 01

Erica-Danes - hiding his face from strangers

Dragonmaker-designs - Vincent's Daughter

Halessa - Vincent

KartK - Beauty and the Beast - ACEO

Sweetrosali - The beauty and the beast
brighnasa - Vincent

Aliehs - Vincent

Timedancer - Beauty and The Beast

A-Youngman - Beauty and the Beast-Catherine

zirofax - Vincent-Beauty and the Beast

zirofax - OK GOOD OK FINE-Mouse BatB

vicknicker - Once Upon a Time in NYC

DeadDog2007 - DARCSYDE's BATB

depplosion - Vincent

depplosion - The Other

twospotz - My tunnel guardian

NewYorkCityUtopia - Vincent's Catherine 1

NewYorkCityUtopia - Vincent

NewYorkCityUtopia - Mouse

suzehowe - Vincent and Catherine 4

suzehowe - Linda

suzehowe - The Dance

suzehowe - Catherine

suzehowe - Central Park