1996 Classic Calendar
by Sandy C. Shelton

– CHAN –

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A Distant Shore calendar thumbnails - 12 months, cover art and title page. Each description is further described at the link to each larger image. A Distant Shore cover art - color drawing by Chan. Vincent's reading the letter Catherine sent from California. A vision of Catherine looking at across the sea on the right. Title page - 1996 January: Catherine alone, walking the shore, looking out over the sea February: Vincent standing on the beach as in Catherine's dream, feet wide-spread, wearing his cloak. March: close up of C and V holding hands as they walk along shore. April: V and C walk along the beach. C gazes out over the ocean but V is looking at her May: C and V continue to walk, but they take a moment to look at each other. Catherine's hand rests on V's arm. June: V and C stop at water's edge and move into an embrace. Her cheek is against his shoulder; she's swept off her hat. July: The embrace August: V and C deepen their embrace. The wind whips their hair. V nuzzles September: V and C in more intimate embrace. V nuzzles closer. Ocotber: The embrace is now a kiss, a tender moment. V holds C's face. November: Close up of The Kiss. Each holds the other's face. December: A close-up of Vincent's face alone in serious, direct gaze. Cover art for A Distant Shore. Color drawing, V reading letter; C as a vision at the sea shore. Title page of A Distant Shore. V's hand turning up the page of a calendar. 1996 Classic Beauty and the Beast Calendar January: Catherine alone on the beach, gazing out over the sea February: Vincent standing on the beach as in Catherine's dream, wearing his cloak, legs spread wide apart. March: Close-up of V and C holding hands as they walk the shore. April: Vincent and Catherine walk along the beach, she gazes out to sea, V gazes at her. They walk shoulder to shoulder. May: As they walk along the beach, Catherine turns to look up at Vincent. Her hand grasps his arm. June: Embrace on the sand. Catherine turns her cheek into his shoulder; she's swept off her hat. July: Another view of the embrace. Vincent nuzzles close; the wind whips his hair September: Another view of the embrace, close-up of their faces. Catherine is pressed to his shoulder; Vincent's lips are pressed to her hair. October: The embrace becomes a kiss. Vincent holds Catherine's face - a tender moment. November: close-up of the kiss. Each holds the other's face in their hands. December: Close-up of Vincent's face, just Vincent, a serious, contemplative expression. August: another view of the embrace. Vincent nuzzles closer; Catherine presses closer.


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