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Chuckle of the Day

The TenMost Unusual Things
Found at the Bottom of the Abyss

by Nefereu

  1. Every Brussells sprout served to a child under 10 since the Tunnels were founded.  (Yes, it’s wasteful. But seriously, can you blame them? There are some things even William can’t make taste good!)
  2. The “Playboy” magazine Mary once found under Devin’s mattress (It’s not mine! Honest! I don’t know where it came from!)
  3. The Mr. Whizzo Super Deluxe Junior Chemistry set Mouse ‘found’ Above  (As Father put it: ”Look at the mischief Mouse can create just with tools. Heaven knows what havoc he’ll cause with that thing!)
  4. Father’s copy of Chess for Dummies
  5. Catherine’s copy of Dr. Ruth’s Top Ten Secrets for Great Sex
  6. William’s ONE and ONLY Cooking Failure (It involved liver and a very questionable grapefruit sauce. Don’t Ask!)
  7. The Casu marzu (maggot cheese) one overzealous helper donated. (‘Nuff said!)
  8. Mouse’s Catapult (So that’s where that went!)
  9. Kipper’s copy of 1001 Knock, Knock Jokes to Annoy Your Friends (Samantha threw that one in herself!)
  10. The Chia Pet Devin sent to Catherine last Christmas