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Chan and Bubba, eyeing each other, shoulder to shoulder

Chan had the most wonderful sense of humor,
as anyone who ever spent any time with her could testify,
and she was always generous with praise.

We've always cherished her reply to the question
on BBTV (where she was one of the original listmoms)
about how long it takes to make a music video:

From: tunnelbrat
To: bbtv
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 5:53:40 PM
Subject: [bbtv] Re: Jess - vid making

Not long.

First you spend a few hours reading the help file and then a few more going through your limited files.

Next you play around with it a little so it looks like you spent some time on it.

... Then you con tunnelmom into doing it right.


And her proclamation about our "resident hero."

 Captain Amazing Proclamation

Some of you may not know, that Chan's website has hosted WFOL from the beginning,
as well as many other fan-related sites. Only days before she fell ill, she redesigned the home page.

And here are other treasures from Chan's long years in fandom:

 Chan's Journal

 Interview 2006

Chan's contributions to fandom are too numerous to list.
Here are just a few:

Spontaneous tunnel art,

Vincent, in blue ink, on tunnel wall at Griffith Park

Con logos,

NJ Con 2008 Logo, Vincent & Catherine in Rennaissance garb, in front of a castle

NO Con logo, Vincent & Catherine in front of a horse-drawn carriage

her Con T-Shirt designs,

Blue LA Con 2007 T-Shirt, V&C looking through photo albums

Kingdom By the Sea T-Shirt, V&C embracing, looking at red and white roses Kingdom By the Sea Revisited T-Shirt, V behind C, embracing her, red rose and 'The Romance Continues' text

BB-TV Does Denver T-Shirt, Vincent in rawhide holding Catherine's hand in front of Rocky Mountains

creative and beautiful centerpieces at convention banquets,

Vincent and Catherine in profile, painted on glass circle

Replicas of the Central Park Bench

Paper castle centerpiece from NJ Con

Sculpture, Vincent and Catherine in bed, right side view Sculpture, Vincent and Catherine in bed, top view Sculpture, Vincent and Catherine in bed, left side view

setting up a quilting bee in the lobby of a con hotel,

Chan and fans sewing quilt on lobby floor

organizing cards for fans who couldn't make it to a Con,

moderating BBTV,

and, of course,

making sure that Bubba went to every convention.

Chan with Bubba over her shoulder walking toward you

Bubba at the registration table

Bubba playing piano

Bubba relaxing with a drink

Bubba napping in the dealers' room

Bubba on bed in Vincent's chamber replica

Chan with Bubba draped over her shoulder, walking away

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