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'I am Five' by Chan, 5-yr old Vincent in overalls

"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up."
-- Pablo Picasso

If you asked Chan how old she was, she would tell you, "Five."

Maybe that was the secret of her great talent.

We wish we could show you everything Chan ever created,
but there are only nine days of Winterfest and lots of other things to do.
But here is a small sample.

Many of these links will take you to other websites. Remember your Back Button and don't get lost!

   Birthday Celebration Art

   Birthday Celebration Art

   Deb's video with Chan art (Adult content)

   Candlelight Creations vid using Chan's art (Adult content)

   Candlelight Creations vid in which Chan finally gave us "The Kiss"

   Poem of the Day 2009

   Bathing Chamber picture (Adult content)

   Bathing Chamber picture (Adult content)

   Bathing Chamber picture (Adult content)

In addition to her many contributions to Winterfest, Chan was an active member of Deviant Art
where she posted much of her own work and encouraged other artists.

From: tunnelbrat
Sent: Fri, February 12, 2010 9:14:54 AM
Subject: A word about the DeviantArt link in the Gallery

Just a comment about the DeviantArt link in the gallery: For me, the tools call me and images have to be completed. I'm sure it's that way for most artists (as it is for writing).

I like to see who in the art community I am in is being called by B&B. I like the idea that there are others coming along to fill the void should I "retire" from drawing. B&B fans encouraged me and I grew; I could see it and feel it. I would hope that the fans take a minute to LEAVE A COMMENT on the artwork they like - encourage these artists to grow and hope they continue to focus their energy in drawing the subjects we love.
- Chandler

   Chan's Deviant Art Page

   Some of her favorite works by other artists

   More of her favorites

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