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To fans in general, Chan was a fantastic artist, a member of the Beauty and the Beast following from the first conventions. She just as quickly adapted to fan activities online and seemed to know or be acquainted with a large number of the fans at both ends of the spectrum. Because of all those experiences and contacts, she was a veritable encyclopedia of all things Beauty and the Beast.

No one who knew her had a single doubt that she was an avid Beauty and the Beast fan, but it didn’t absorb all her energy. As you can see from links to the less “Beastie” parts of her life, she undoubtedly had the same sort of energy for and interactions with families whose children she had taught over the years of her long teaching career and those in her community where she was always involved in politics and community projects.

To us, she was one of the original candlemakers, a friend, a co-worker, a joyously creative spirit who freely shared her talents and knowledge… and her wonderful sense of humor… to make our collective job easier.

Her creative mind often moved at its own pace, and then we would see a sudden burst of activity, which usually left something wonderful in its wake – art, ideas, web work, etc. The Winterfest Great Hall has been hosted on Chan’s website since the year Winterfest Online began, and were it not for Chan, we wouldn't have the Great Hall as you know it today. The text with screencaps design is hers. And she designed it virtually overnight, with the mother of Winterfest at her virtual side, supplying links and moral support and whatnot.

This year’s Winterfest is dedicated to Chan and features some of her work. We’d like to celebrate her life, one she lived with enthusiasm. We knew her as a warm, welcoming generous person, and we would like to share with you some of the ways her life had an impact, not only on us, but the world around her, wherever she might have been.

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