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Goldie Jones     2/10/2011 1:01:28 PM
I never had the pleasure of meeting Jan, but from her fellow fans I have learned a great deal about her, and her tireless devotion to the fandom through the zines. May her memory forever be a shining star.

underthepark     2/6/2011 9:06:28 AM
I did not know Jan, but I have seen here how dedicated she was to this fandom and how selflessly she made it possible for others to enjoy the beautiful zines too - thank you. Your spirit will live on.

Daria     2/4/2011 9:45:20 PM
Thank you Jan for reminding us what it means to be a family: be generous, be kind, be there. We will miss you not being there...but your spirit will be carried by all who knew you. And for those like me, who wish we did know you, we will try to carry on your generosity, kindness and presence.

Tweetie Lynn     2/3/2011 5:36:30 PM
I've never met you Jan, but I wanted to say Thank you for your dedication and love to Beauty and The Beast with your work in the lending library. I'm sure it has and will continue to make a lot of people happy. God Bless you, Bruce and your family.

Gail Wessman     2/2/2011 9:43:30 AM
Even though I did not her it seems that because she kept the spirit of Beauty and the Beast alive with what she had done she must have been a wonderful person. Though she isn't here physically her spirit will live on.

Elaine     1/30/2011 7:32:47 PM
I didn't know Jan well. Only met her twice, I think. But I knew right away she had a generous spirit, and I was and am truly impressed at the amount of time and effort she put into the Library.

Sharon     1/30/2011 4:27:25 PM
Farewell Jan, and thank you for sharing your gracious spirit with all of the B&B Fan Family for so many years! May you continue to gather happily with the many other Fan Family Members who have crossed over there too. My deepest and warmest sympathies to Bruce and his family!

Mini     1/30/2011 3:48:17 PM
I only met Jan a couple of years ago. Actually I believe I talked with Bruce before I got around to introducing myself to Jan. Got some wonderful hugs from both. Jan will always be our Librarian and will be greatly missed. I hope Bruce will continue to join us each year as our BatB family gathers at the Conventions.

Cordi     1/30/2011 10:41:03 AM
Just want to leave some words here ... being from Germany I don't have any idea of how much zines there are outside for BATB ... it's amazing!!! Searching, finding, collection them is a great hard job only can be done from a fan with love to his work.
Wonderful way to remember her work and condolences to her family!

PatK     1/29/2011 6:33:40 PM
Jan we will miss you at our conventions. We will miss your laugh. And your service to fandom will always be remembered and appreciated. My thoughts and prayers go out to Bruce and your family.

Deb     1/29/2011 4:05:38 PM
I remember Jan as a quiet, sweet spirit. She maintained the lending library, so that fans that couldn't buy zines,could still read them. She had a generous heart and was very supportive of every con charity and would keep the auctions lively with her bidding. Her work will continue on and I know she is gladdened by that.

Sandy2     1/29/2011 3:23:19 PM
I remember meeting Jan at a couple of early cons. She was always friendly and quiet and restful to be with.
I remember that we both had been reading the Abode of the Beast zines. I had 1 & 3 and she had 1 & 2. She was estatic because she hadn't been able to find a copy of #3 and I couldn't find #2 which we swapped through the mail so we both could read the entire series.
I'm so glad she continued to come to cons when she could and it was a a pleasure to watch her and Bruce together. They laughed a lot and I'm glad they found each other. I'll miss her and I hope Bruce will continue to meet with us each year.

FoxySonia     1/29/2011 10:15:09 AM
I'm sorry I never got to meet Jan. From the little bit I've learned about her she seemed like a wonderful and generous person and someone I would have loved to have known and become friend with. I'm sure she was loved by many and all her friends and loved ones miss her and will always remember her for her giving and generous spirit and loving, caring heart. May God bless her and may she be peacefully in His safe keeping until she can be reunited with her loved ones. Hope I get to meet you someday.

JoAnn Baca     1/29/2011 9:43:00 AM
Jan was one of those fans who did an enormous amount of work on behalf of fandom, and did it quietly, with little fuss and no expectation of acclaim. She did it as a labor of love, and enriched all of fandom through her efforts. I remember Jan with her list of needed zines, going through all the boxes of used zines each year in the con dealers room, spending her own money to buy zines to lend to others. I remember her happiness at having bought an extremely rare item - a cast member's terrycloth robe with the B&B logo on it - not for herself, but because she knew Bruce, her husband, would enjoy it. I remember her full throaty laugh. I remember her warm smile. I remember her generous spirit. I'll miss her very much.

Joan Stephens     1/27/2011 7:01:33 PM
I first met Jan through the CRLL when I began to rent zines from the library. I donít remember the exact year I started, but I had decided to read every classic and SND zine in the library. I started to rent two zines at a time, sending a little more postage money to her then was required to help her find lost zines. Soon she was letting me read a boxful of zines. Invariably kind and helpful, she helped me to complete the task. She even let me borrow from her private collection and I read all she had. We corresponded throughout the years, and when she moved into her new business building, she sent me photos of the interior. She was especially proud of the second room that housed the many cabinets to lined the walls. How many she had I donít really know but it was a lot. Also, she scattered her BatB memorabilia around the room and was really proud of that. We always made sure that we connected at the cons, and I will miss her ready smile when she met me. Jan was the Crystal Rose Lending Library.

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