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Jan Sutter

If you are reading this page, you are undoubtedly a fan of Beauty and the Beast. Although the show has been off the air for over twenty years, the story lives on because the fans of the show refused to let it die. They wrote stories that explored the past, the present and the future of these beloved characters and they shared them with others by putting them together in fanzines. These publications contained the hopes, the dreams and the aspirations of the fans for these amazing characters, and Jan Sutter became their caretaker.

Jan selflessly took on the task of running the Crystal Rose Lending Library and threw herself into it with gusto. She was constantly on the lookout for zines that the library didn't already have, and expanded the content of the library during the time she ran it. She once said that the zines were a little like her children – she was overjoyed when one of them that had been lost finally found its way home.

Over the years, a large number of people have been able to sit in their recliners or lawn chairs or stretch out on their beds or sofas and immerse themselves in the world of Beauty and the Beast, because Jan was there to offer the zines; and she provided this opportunity with no thought of reward beyond the pleasure of knowing she made it available. We didn't want to miss our own opportunity to acknowledge her gift to her fellow fans.

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