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Match Game

First Time-Level 1

Winterfest Online 2010

February 6th - 14th
Preferences: English | All Season
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No, no. Don't get too excited. Not that first time. Sorry to disappoint you.

Here are some people, places, things, phrases, situations, etc. which have become a part of the lore of the Beauty and the Beast story. This game asks you to remember the episodes where those things were first introduced. You'll find a list of the episodes that these things appeared in. Your job is to match the letter of the episode to the description in column 1.

Click a number in the left column and a letter in the right column to make a match. If you make a selection and change your mind later, clicking on the number and a new letter will "release" the original letter so you can assign it elsewhere.

When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Press the Reset Answers button to clear your selections and start over.

 Column 1 Input  Episode
 The crystal and the rose
 Pilot: Once Upon A Time...
 Paracelsus mask
 Vincent's white ruffled shirt
 "Like a dream?" "Better"
 No Way Down
 Father's past life
 No Way Down
 The naming ceremony
 Song Of Orpheus
 Mr. Smythe's bookstore
 Dark Spirit
 A Children's Story
 The death of a member of the tunnel community
 An Impossible Silence
 Vincent riding on top of the Subway
 Shades of Grey
 Shades of Grey
 The back stories of some of the tunnel dwellers
 Elliot's office
 Vincent inside Catherine's apartment
 To Reign In Hell
 The story of the first time Vincent saw the moon
 To Reign In Hell
 Vincent and Catherine sharing a real kiss…tiny as it was, a real kiss
 Vincent was captured Above
 Ashes, Ashes
 The word "love" used between Vincent and Catherine
 Dead Of Winter
 Peter Alcott
 God Bless The Child
 The Great Hall
 "Shakespeare knew everything"
 One tunnel citizen intentionally physically hurting another
 Father warning Catherine that her relationship with Vincent was a mistake
 When The Bluebird Sings
 Catherine feeling danger to Vincent through their bond
 What Rough Beast
 Vincent saying the words "I love you." to Catherine
 The Rest Is Silence

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