To the Great Hall                                                 Two hearts pierced by an arrow

A Valentine Poem                                                              
By Lara Hoyle

The scent of roses in the air,rose
Catherine rushes to Vincent without a care.
The sight of candles glowing flickering bright
We know they won't be alone tonight.

A rustle of silk, or a taffeta gown
Both of them stripping, pants of brown
Alone in Vincent's Chamber, DO NOT DISTURB!
Or else you'll be tossed to curb.

The sight of rose petals strewn about,
makes us sigh, and not even shout.
The love they have is very strong
and fandom has lasted also just as long.

Taste of chocolate and other good flavor,
This heart box has much to savor.
bittersweet, dark, milk candies swirled with white,
This heart box is devoured on sight.

The pipes are quiet for Valentine's night
And most everyone is dreaming of daylight.
All are wearing earplugs-here to "Joisey"
Why? Vincent, Cathy, are being extremely Noisy!!!!


By Lynne Wexler

Vincent and Catherine walk the tunnels together
Bathed in a golden light. 
Vincent and Catherine speak quietly together
As the day Above moves into night.

Moonlight and starlight flood the Park together.
From their haven the lovers step out.
Moonlight and starlight show their faces together
In the night, eyes reflecting no doubt.

He had, and she had, in moments together,
Uncertainties, many and more.
He had, and she had, apart and together,
Unease as to what lay in store.

He fled, and she fed, a future together,
As each sought to conquer the fear.
He fled and she fled aloneness together,
As each learned the future was here.

Beauty and Beast made their way back together
As each learned the lesson of love.
Beauty and Beast found their way back together,
Uniting Below and Above.

Now Vincent and Catherine hold fast to together,
For they know there is no life apart.
Now Vincent and Catherine live always together,
For theirs is one life, one heart.

Catherine's Valentine Kiss


I close my eyes
and wait. 

In the silence
I hear the beat of your heart. lips

Your warm breath
caresses my parted lips. 

I breathe in your scent
and I am filled with your essence. 

your mouth touches mine. 

My lips claim yours
and my tongue tastes your wine. 

I am drunk. 

I open my eyes.
and smile.

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