We join Catherine in her apartment in the wee hours of the night.   She is busy with a new but joyous task.  This year with the release of the videos and increased co-operation between Above and Below, an ever-growing number of new helpers have been added to the Winterfest list.  Catherine has been given her own set of candles to deliver to some of her friends.  It has been a good year and she is lost in her memories when she is interrupted by a familiar sound outside the door.

Treasure Hunt 2009

Welcome, Treasure Hunters, to our activity filled path to the Treasure that awaits you.  We hope you enjoy your time in the cyber-tunnels and wish you the best of luck.  If you run into difficulties, please bookmark your location so you can return later, then give out a shout on the Winterfest online yahoogroup or directly to the Candlemakers at wintercandlemakers2@yahoogroups.com


If you happen to be in the Winterfest yahoogroup and read a call for help, please know that Candlemakers are standing by to help.  If you really want to help, then go ahead but please, please, PLEASE do not give away shortcuts or direct links… just give HINTS. [Click the red hearts in upper left corner to continue.]


“Catherine.  You were not sleeping so I dared to drop in for a moment.  You were planning on a busy day… is there something troubling you?”

“Troubling?  No, Vincent.  I was just thinking about how blessed we have been this past year.


 “I am a little anxious over one of the candles I am delivering, but I know it will work out well.


“Some people have no trouble with giving of help… and love, but the receiving is difficult for some.   As if they see themselves as unworthy.”


“Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?  I have a few errands Below before we meet at the Whispering Chamber later tonight?“


“Yes, Vincent.  There is something you can do for me. 


“Could you  manage not to stand quite so far away?”


 Vincent ponders his next move...

She hurries to the balcony door.


“Is this what you had in mind, Catherine?”


“You’re getting warmer…”


“I think we’re both getting warmer, Catherine.”


We could fade away here and let our couple slip into the apartment for a while, but we all know there are places to go and  work to be done.   Give them a moment and I am sure they will remember to give you your information.


… and slides gracefully to Catherine’s side.


“I’m going to get ready for my deliveries while you send the Treasure Hunters to their first activity site.


“Oh, and Vincent?  Don’t think about it too much, but I have a little something for you for Valentine’s day. 


“ I’ll give it to you after Winterfest when we get back to our chamber for the night.”


Shaking his head,

“Don’t think about it?  She knows I will have trouble thinking of anything else.”


Treasure Hunters:   CABB has a fun activity  waiting for you.  Enjoy your time there.  When you return  we will have more places for you to go and activities to test your knowledge of Beauty and the Beast.


It would probably help to have a pencil and paper handy as you travel down your path. 

There will be a test at the end of the hunt.  Catherine will give you more details when you return.


Catherine thinks for a moment.  Even after all their time together she knows she occasionally has to reach out to the other half of her soul.

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