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Winterfest Online 2009

February 7th - 15th

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We fans of Beauty and the Beast LOVE to discuss all the aspects of our favorite show.
And we all have our own opinions.
In this daily forum, we invite you to share your thoughts, on our Question for the Day.


Ninth Question: Where do the folks Below get their food? Do you suppose they manage to do some gardening somewhere? Do they get all their food from Helpers?Another source?

Eighth Question: Where would Vincent and Catherine spend their Valentine's day? Chamber of the Falls? Crystal Cavern? Vincent's Chamber? Catherine's Apartment? The Nameless River? Or somewhere else and why?

Seventh Question: We know Vincent found Mouse and "tamed" him. What do you think might have happened to him that he was alone in the tunnels in the first place?

Sixth Question: What piece of paraphernalia from Vincent's room would you like to have? (And you can't have the stained glass window. It's attached, silly.)

Fifth Question: If Catherine could tell one person about Vincent, who would she chose and why?

Fourth Question: What is Vincent's most attractive facial feature? His blue eyes? His pearly white fangs? His soft facial fur? Slanted eyebrows? Full lower lip? Why?

Third Question: If Vincent and Catherine finally tied the knot and had a wedding, who if anyone would be invited from Above to attend? Why do you think they should recieve an invite?

Second Question: If there could be another episode about Halloween or Winterfest, or one about Valentine's Day, which would you like to see most?

First Question: What contemporary Novel would you suggest Vincent read to Catherine and why?