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Winterfest Online 2009

February 7th - 15th

Preferences: English | All Season

Every day during Winterfest we will conduct a poll on various topics relating to the series.
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Ninth Poll: Which DVD set has the best box cover art?

Eighth Poll: Which of the following was the most disappointing romantic scene (because we wanted a kiss there, darn it!)

Seventh Poll: Who's your favorite poet from the Of Love and Hope cd?

Sixth Poll: Which villain most deserved to be ripped to shreds by Vincent?

Fifth Poll: Catherine is getting tired of Joe making subtle passes at her. Who should she fix him up with?

Fourth Poll: Where might Vincent and Catherine go on their honeymoon?

Third Poll: Happily ever after time. Where do Vincent and Catherine live?

Second Poll: What is Vincent's least favorite mode of transportation when he is traveling to Catherine:

First Poll: What is the one modern convenience you would miss most if you had to move down Below?