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A Mosaic Story - All Season

Winterfest Online 2009

February 7th - 15th

Preferences: English | All Season

Welcome to the Online Mosaic Story

This story was created by participants of Winterfest, piece by piece to create the collective whole. Thanks to eveyone who contributed in the creation of such a wonderful story.


In the darkness, a shot rang out. The sound of gunshots in the tunnels can be earsplitting, so everyone was awakened by the BOOM!Father, getting out of bed, lights his candle just as Mouse comes running into the chamber. Mouse was wild-eyed, gasping for breath. Father moved as quickly as he could toward the frantic young man. He had never seen Mouse so upset. Grasping him by the shoulders, he cried "Mouse, whatever is it?" "Someone BAD come here, can't find Vincent....maybe gone above!" "You mean to say Vincent isn't here to help us?" At this, Mary comes in wrapping a shawl over her nightdress, "Fater, Mouse, did you hear the shot? Where's Vincent?" Father looked at Mary as he hobbled over to a direct pipe to Pascal's pipechamber. " It would be apparent that none of us know where Vincent is." Meanwhile, Diana awoke suddenly. She had a feeling something was very wrong. Then the image of Vincent came to her. "Oh, my goodness," she said to herself. "Something terrible has happened to Vincent. I must get to the Tunnels at once." Quickly,the scarlet haired detective pulled on her levis,socks,tshirt and a hooded sweatshirt."i'll need my red led flashlight,my personal firearm"she said aloud lacing her hiking boots.Feeling an intuitive pull passing her bulletproof vest-she put it on. As she sprinted toward the Tunnels in the dark, she thought she saw something lurking behind a large statue. Because of her empathic abilities, she knew it was Vincent. But what was he doing, hiding in the darkness? And why hadn't he come to her? Silently and swiftly, Diana approaches Vincent's hiding place. She knows she must be careful not to startle him, she has seen what Vincent can do when he's startled! As she approaches the spot she whispers, "Vincent, is that you? It's me, Diana!" Vincent turned to her, and she saw tears in his eyes. "Diana, I wanted...I need..your help." He said in a desperate manner. "Something has occured in the tunnels that I cannot.." the words came with difficulty "..cannot protect the people I love from." Diana's head slightly cocked,brow furrowing in the darkness at Vincent's words.(What in blue hell occurred that Vincent cant handle-much less needs my help for?)She thought to herself."Vincent,tell me what happened."she whispered softly,scanning the dark. "It is a sickness, sickness of the mind that these hand cannot fight, grasp or put a stop to." he said. "But how? Who?" were the next words from Diana's lips. "It is Rollie, a boy, now a man, in deep pain who has returned to us. But he fights an evil that can't be fought with conventional weapons. I have been watching him, night after night. He is in the tunnels, now, and I am afraid if I try to intervene, something......irrevocable will happen. I saw him go in with a gun tonight. Diana, help us.... ....
Rollie had been to the tunnels before. Twice he had gone there and twice had left. Once again he had fallen to the depths of despair and needed money. He planned that this time was to be the last. He needed a way to make Vincent end his suffering.

Diana drew in a deep breath and blinked hard trying to focus in the darkness. She needed more information, this was way to broad. "Wait a minute, *why* is he in despair? What sort of mind sickness?" she queried, "What exactly had happened to Rollie?" Vincent clenched his hands and glanced at Diana through the veil of his hair. "You remember Rollie, Diana. We helped him before...while we were searching for Catherine." He hates himself for his drug usage, and I believe that he is in the tunnels to commit an act so horrendous that I would have to kill him for it. He thinks it is the only way out of this...madness he is in. "As in: the friend for whom you *tidied up* Gabriel's drug lab." Diana smiled and nodded with a slight hint of dry humor and sarcasm. "Yes i do recall Rollie, now that you mention it."
Diana, looking at Vincent, says, "It isn't like you to avoid a confrontation. You MUST go in there and DO something, Vincent, or you will never forgive yourself." With a resigned sigh, Vincent starts towards the entrance. Pausing a moment to gather his wits about him,Vincent felt Diana's sweatshirt against the back of his bare hand.He turned his head with a quizzical glance.Diana sensed this and answered him before he could ask."I never said you were doing this alone."