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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday?! Already?! Where has the time gone?!

Today in the Gallery we have Chan's collection of favorite BATB artwork gathered from the talented artists on Deviant art.

Take the rest of the day and visit all the nooks and crannies in the Great Hall you may have missed. Try writing a Daily Challenge. Play a game. Read some fic. Chat with your fellow fans. Leave a note in the guestbook. Last chance before we close all the interactive things down in the next day or two.

Our annual Talent Show Chat is scheduled for 2PM EST, in Yahoo Messenger. Come and join the fun as we are entertained by some very talented fans.

The closing ceremonies will be ready sometime later today.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! Stop in the Conversation Corner and visit our Valentine's Day celebration. Poetry, art, games, a second Candlelight Creations video and a special look at roses are all waiting for you to enjoy.

Just a warning to all of our Winterfest Online visitors: if you decide to use the bathing chamber, be sure you don't disturb anyone.

Our scheduled chat at 8:00 pm EST is entitled, "The First Time I Loved Forever." Sort of appropriate considering it is Valentine's Day. Come chat with us and tell us about the loves in your life, be they the love of a book, music, another person, a TV show... the
possibilities are only limited by our capacity to love, which makes them infinite.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Since you're all probably worn out from yesterday's Treasure Hunt, we've planned a nice, quiet day in the tunnels. Wander over to Father's Library, pull up a nice overstuffed armchair, and settle in with the fabulous zine "More Roads Not Taken," finally online.

Annik, of the French tunnels, has planned a lovely Winterfest surprise for us all by translating all of her pages into English. Stop in and visit La Belle et La BÍte.

Tonight come join us for the role play chat at 8:00 pm EST - always a hoot! And put on your thinking caps: what should our scenario be?

(You did find the treasure, didn't you? Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it! The WFOL yahoo group is your best bet, or email us.)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

It's here! The activity you have all been waiting for. It is the 2009 Winterfest Online Treasure Hunt. The Treasure Hunt is always loads of fun. And if you get to the end.......Treasure. Both naughty and nice. ;-> So grab your flashlight and your spool of thread and hit the tunnels. (No, we're not going to link to it here. Go look in the tunnels - it's not hard to find.)

Now we are not going to leave you high and dry. We'll be here to give you a hand or a tiny hint along the way. And tonight, the subject for our scheduled 8:00 pm EST chat is, you guessed it, the Treasure Hunt. We want everyone to find the treasure.

Be sure to take a break and check out the beautiful cross-stitch patterns designed by Angie especially for this year's Winterfest, located in the Gallery.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

GOOD MORNING, WINTERFEST VISITORS! Or good afternoon, good evening, or good night, as the case may be. :-)

New at Winterfest today is the Listening Chamber. Stop in and hear some perfectly lovely poems. (And how's this for synchronicity - some of the poems submitted to the Listening Chamber are the same ones our candlemakers picked out for Poem of the Day!) Besides the poems, you'll find a full length story by JoAnn Baca and another story in the Euskera language. Lend an ear.

We know you love to play the match game, and there's a new one in the Game Nook: Location Matching.

In the Gallery, check out Lynn Wright's awesome collection of photographs of our favorite actors/characters. What a treat!

And we've saved the best for last. A little bird (or maybe it was another small creature) told us that an honored guest might be dropping by the simple chatroom this evening at 9 pm EST. If that comes to pass, the 3S episode is likely to be preempted. Have your questions ready for David Greenlee (Mouse) instead, but have mercy and don't pepper the poor man with 800 questions at once! Also David will probably have limited time, so we ask that participants keep the off-topic chat and visiting for another time. Thanks!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Does anyone remember the Painted Tunnels from a few years ago? Whether you do or don't, we are delighted this activity is back for you to enjoy. Stop in, pick out a brush and help decorate the tunnel walls with your very own pieces of art.

Our second interview is up in the Amphitheater. Come meet the lovely and talented person behind the href="">
wonderful Candlelight Creations videos. Then get ready for an extra-special Winterfest treat as you settle in to watch CC's latest video, Descent, also located in the Amphitheater.

Next it is a trip to the Gallery for a very special treat brought to
us by C2H6OFree. It is Winterfest but in a whole new, comic light. Don't
miss it.

We hope everyone is reading the wonderful poetry being written for the Daily
. Don't be shy. Add one of your own. Be sure to check out the results so far for our Poll of the day. Of course there are updates throughout the Great Hall chambers.

And our scheduled chat will be on the BATB show content we wanted to see and didn't. That's at 8:00 pm EST. We hope to see you all there.

That's it. Have fun!

Monday, 9 February 2009

We have decided to take it easy on you today. Just a few new activities besides all the regular updates for you to enjoy.

"The Feathered indigo Screams in a Controlled Manner." What?? you may ask is that? That is just one of the clever and entertaining clues in Marlo's wonderful crossword puzzle of BATB episode titles. Check it out in the Game Nook. While you're there, make sure William hasn't been spiking the punch by taking the Test Your Memory Game. And if you haven't noticed, each day there is a new Word Search Game.

Have you ever thought of trying to write a fanfic with multiple writers, each writer contributing only a few lines at a time? Help create a unique tale and add your two cents to either of the Mosaic Stories found in the Library. You never know where it's going to go next.

Our ebay auctions are up and ready for your bids. You can choose from zines, music, jewelry and novels. What more could a fan want? Remember, all funds raised will be donated to our charity, Direct Relief, International.

At 8:00 pm EST come ask questions and learn all about the 22nd Annual BATB Convention, Another Life, Another Dream being held July 10-12 in New Orleans.

Off you go.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Happy Winterfest!

If you are here looking for some new activities to fill your day, we have plenty to offer.

The Game Nook has a couple of new additions. Always a favorite, Caption This is waiting for your inspired quips. And to get you warmed up for the Treasure Hunt later this week, gabi has kindly created a Scavenger Hunt which will take you here, there and probably places you have never been before.

Our first interview is available in the Amphitheater. Come meet a very talented lady, Sandy Tew.

If you love to talk with your fellow fans, then we have two opportunities to do just that. At 4:00PM EST, drop into the ever popular episode chat, and let's watch Dead of Winter together. Then, at 8:00PM EST, come hear how BATB has changed people's lives. Maybe you might like to share your story with us.

And of course there are new entries for Question of the Day, Poll of the Day, Poem of the Day, Daily Challenges, Round Robin chapters, Sudoku and who knows what else.

Last but not least is our href="charity.asp">charity, Direct Relief International. Stop in the Helper's Nook and learn a little bit about this wonderful organization. We've already received some donations, which is very encouraging. Keep an eye out for the ebay auctions which will be coming up later this week to raise more funds for this worthy cause.

Now, get out there and have fun!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Welcome to Winterfest Online 2009!

What's new today? It's the first day! Everything's new! Sheesh! What
are you doing looking in here? ;-)

Seriously though... our site map
has a new design this year.

In the Helpers Nook, you'll find information about the href="charity.asp">charity we're sponsoring this
year,†Direct Relief International. Also new in the Helpers
Nook is a Fandom 101
page. (Contact us please if there are essential items we've missed.)

In the Conversation Corner, we have a new activity called Poll of the Day.
Also, there are more themed chats this year. Check them out on the href="../gh/chat.html">chat schedule.

In the Game Nook we have some returning favorites as well as href="">Word
Search of the Day and href="">Sudoku
of the Day.

In addition to everything else you'll find, we also, of
course,†have the submissions from all of you. Look for them in
the Library, the Gallery, the Amphitheater, and the Conversation Corner.
Thank you all for sharing!