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Tech requirements

To enjoy everything WFOL has to offer you will need the following:

Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader, both available at (Or if you prefer a less corporate PDF reader, try Foxit Reader.)

Java, available from

Yahoo Messenger:
We have installation recommendations for YM as well as a YM FAQ in case you'd like more information about it.

An Unzip utility. If you have Windows XP or greater, there's an Unzip feature built in. Otherwise, for a simple utility, try Freezip, or for a more fully featured tool, try 7zip. (If you're getting 7zip, you likely want the first download link.)

A media player which can play .wmv and .mp3 files. If you don't have Windows Media Player, try VLC or Winamp. Both are free or have free versions.

It will also be much more possible to actually play the media if you have broadband internet access. But dialup folks, don't despair - there are lots of things to see and do that don't require broadband.

Some pages use Javascript. (This isn't something you need to install, but some people disable it for safety reasons.)

And lastly (unless we've forgotten something), a few of our pages require Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater.