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Winterfest Online 2009

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February 7 - 15
Chest of treasure the folks Below donated to the nuns

The charity we have chosen for Winterfest Online 2009 is  

Direct Relief International

Donations received so far

Total Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Post-WF
$659.81  $70.00  $25.00  $25.00  $12.31  $75.00  $100.00  $90.00  $40.00  $187.50  $35.00 
$659.81 + ebay $291 = $950.81

Direct Relief International is a CharityNavigator 4-Star charity. In existence since 1948, the charity focuses on improving health for people in poverty throughout the world by supporting fragile health care systems, offering direct support and materials to in-country health professionals who are in the best position to determine their most critical needs, with an emphasis on the health needs of women and children. The charity also provides emergency assistance throughout the world, to aid people impacted by natural disasters and civil strife. In 2008, Forbes Magazine rated Direct Relief International “100% efficient” in fundraising for the seventh straight year. During each of those years, each dollar spent has provided between $21 and $37 (wholesale) of medical materials specifically requested by in-country professionals to care for their patients. Last year, Direct Relief International distributed over $200 million in aid throughout the world.

Here’s a chance for a modest amount of money to go a long way in terms of relief provided, with every dollar we raise during our celebration multiplied in value due to Direct Relief International’s process of gathering critical medical supplies at wholesale prices. So, let’s be generous in bidding and donating for this year’s charity!

Soon you will see postings for Ebay auctions, with all proceeds going to our selected charity. If you don’t wish to bid on any items on auction, you can still get into the game by donating directly for the charity. You have several options for doing so:
  • send a donation via Paypal to (JoAnn will collect all donations and report daily during Winterfest Online on the status of our charity fund)
  • send a check to JoAnn, either made out to her (to be bundled into one check with funds received via auction payments and Paypal donations) OR made out to Direct Relief International (which will be included in the envelope with all other donations).
At the conclusion of WFOL, JoAnn will send a letter to the charity describing our celebration and transmitting the funds (cash and checks) we raised in the name of Beauty and the Beast fandom.

If you wish to write a check as a donation, please send it to:

            JoAnn Baca
            5560 Redland Drive
            San Diego, CA 92115

It has been our fandom’s tradition to include fundraising for a charity at all of our fan-run conventions for more than 20 years, and it has also become a Winterfest Online tradition. Over the years, between the conventions and Winterfest Online, our small fandom has raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthy charities world-wide. Let’s continue that tradition of generosity this year, a tradition made even more important due to these difficult economic times, which severely impacts overall giving to charities, lessening their ability to distribute aid to the most vulnerable of our world’s citizens. We can make a difference in the lives of so many people with just a small donation each. Vincent would be so proud of us!

Enjoy this year’s Winterfest Online, and please keep Direct Relief International in your mind and heart as we come together in celebration.

Items on auction on ebay - $291!