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Sudoku of the Day

Father is getting 'curiouser and curiouser' about all the Valentine's Day preparations. Vincent is hoping Father won't ask him about his plans. He's noticed that chess doesn't hold Father's attention the way it used to do. (There's only so often a person can lose without getting really tired of it.) But he seemed to enjoy Sudoku at last year's Winterfest gathering, so all the tunnel dwellers have put their heads together to help Vincent keep Father distracted. They figured Sudoku of the Day might keep him busy.

If that doesn't work, they were thinking Mouse and Arthur could provide some diversion. What do you think?

BatB Sudoku is a variation of the usual Sudoku puzzles, using images instead of numbers.

Give it a try yourself. And check back tomorrow for another puzzle.

Day Nine - Villains

Day Eight - Vincent & Catherine

Day Seven - Roses

Day Six - Star-Crossed Lovers

Day Five - Candles

Day Four - Authors Who Should Have Been Mentioned in the Show

Day Three - Authors Mentioned in the Show

Day Two - Family Below

Day One - Friends Above

The puzzles are best viewed at high resolution. 1280 x 1024, for preference. You can change your resolution by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting Properties, clicking on the Settings tab and sliding the Screen Resolution bar to the end.

If your PC doesn't support that resolution, you can still do the puzzles but it might be a little harder. Most browsers give you a little extra viewing area if you hit F11.