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Winterfest Online 2009

February 7th - 15th

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Ok, so you can recreate Vincent's chamber bindfolded and know the title and position of all the books in Father's Library. You even know where all of Catherine's knickknacks are and the location of every dinky coach. But what about the other fine architectural specimems shown Above?

Well this is where you can put your keen eye to the test. Here are a number of photos from the show showing various buildings and archetectural features from the show. Some are recurring venues, others are only in one episode. It's up to you to match the images with the name/description of the location.

If you change your mind about a selection, click the number you want to change and the new letter, or press the clear button to clear that number.

When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Press the Reset Answers button to clear your selections and start over.

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Gina Barrett's office building Henry Pei's restaurant Statue of Liberty Lincoln Center Church (Orphans)
Columbia Quadrangle Carole's safe house Steven Bass's house Lang General Hospital, (Beast Within) Bennett Historical Library
Langham Apartments Protectors Headquarters Empire State Building Elevators - Coolidge & Chandler   Diana's Building Clear  Choice
Prometheus Statue, Rockefeller Center DA's Office Building St. Patrick's Cathedral Hotel Brandon (Masques)   Joe's Building
Isaac's Gym Jack Sweeney's house Elliot's Office Building Central Park   Gabriel's Mansion