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Winterfest Online 2009

February 7th - 15th

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Ah Valentine's day. Roses, chocolates, Hugs and ... well ... more hugs at least in BatB land.

Here are a number of screen captures of Vincent and Catherine hugging. Click on the number below the image and the letter next to an episode to make a guess as to which image comes from which episode. When more than one image is taken from an episode, that episode is listed multiple times and any letter associated with that episode will work with any image from that episode.

If you change your mind about a selection, click the number you want to change and the new letter, or press the clear button to clear that number.

When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Press the Reset Answers button to clear your selections and start over.

[NOTE: IE5.5/Netscape 6 or greater is recommended]

The Alchemist Everything Is Everything A Kingdom By The Sea Pilot The Rest is Silence The Watcher
Arabesque A Fair And Perfect Knight No Way Down Pilot Terrible Savior
Ashes Ashes A Fair And Perfect Knight Orphans Remember Love Terrible Savior
When The Bluebird Sings God Bless The Child Orphans Remember Love Trial
Chamber Music A Happy Life Ozymandias Shades Of Grey Trial Clear  Choice