Hi everyone

It never ceases to amaze me that to this day,  the Vincent and Catherine love story still thrives and that the demand for more episodes just keeps on growing.  I was truly honored to be asked to have one of my zines featured in this online Beauty and the Beast venture.   I applaud everyone who worked on it.  When I saw the finished product, I was awestruck at what a beautiful job that had been done on reproducing the gorgeous artwork and detail that the members of "The Crystal Rose" fan group poured their hearts into.  My stories were always from the heart and always with the greatest respect for the characters.

 As I looked at it, memories came to mind of the long hours of writing and discussing story lines with Joann Grant and Chandler. I know Chandler and I owe her so much.  As most of you know, we lost Joann suddenly in 2006.   Since I met Joann and Vickie back in the early 1990's, Joann stepped in and helped me deal with some personal situations I was going through at the time.   I had lost my father a few years earlier and would soon lose my mother.  She encouraged me to write and to participate in fandom.  She "pushed" us all to stretch our talents and truly to live life to the fullest.     Her emails, her phone calls, her Christmas cards, and everything that made Joann the caring person she was is sorely missed.  Her kind, reassuring presence was felt in fandom and I continue to feel a great loss at her passing.

 Since writing that book, I found my "Vincent".  I met Lesley in 1999.  He's actually quite a B&B fan himself.  We've often watched episodes of the show together.  We were married in October of 2006.  In fact, I was on my honeymoon when Joann passed away last year.  My last communication with her was a B & B card she had included with a wedding gift.   It just said, "Be Happy, Love Joann". 

 My name is Williams now so perhaps there won't be so much confusion with the two Sandy Shelton's.  I'm glad to know that the conventions continue and new fans are adding to our numbers.  I wish all you peace and happiness and I hope you enjoy reading this zine.  Feel free to email me at fenderfox2000@yahoo.com with greetings or just comments in general.

Sandy S. Williams,
aka Sandy P. Shelton

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