Liz C.
Peace and love to all- share the light!Linda
Winterfest is here!  It's time to party!Vee
Once again, we unite in the spirit of love and fellowship, to beat back the darkness. Yes, we can. Yes, we must. 
Happy WinterFest to each and to all.AngelBabs81
Love to all my BATB family, and thanks to those who made this special time possible. Vincent and Catherine forever!Angie
A big kiss and hug to everyone!Cari
How wonderful to be sharing this with friends and family throughout the world,keeping the dream alive.  This is a wonderful time of year...and we all share the light.geandy
it's wonderful to share the light and communityGinger
It's so good to be home again! Welcome, all, and may this week be the best-est ever-est!Coreta
I'm new to the community and this ceremony, but am loving it!  Thanks to Cari for reminding me that we are never too old for fairy tales and their magic!Sharon Price
Carry the Light and Keep the Dream Alive!Starfirehawk
I have loved the story of Catherine and Vincent since the first episode. Their love inspires me to create romantic bead embroidered jewelry and other one of a kind works of art. I am like the tunnel dwellers, quirky and a misfit in the world above. Few people appreciate me and most tell me how I should be. I'm glad to find others like me so that I am no longer alone. Let's light the darkness together.dg
peace to allkendall
I'm pleased to join such a delightful community.Lisa
thank you for keeping the dream alive.Jess Lynn
It's Winterfest again! :D I am so glad to join all my tunnel friends once again for a celebration of our beloved tv show! I hope this year's Winterfest brings much joy and happiness to those who need it.Jen
 Dean Ricks
If I could light a candle for each person in hardship, in ill times, it'd look something like this...

Love to you all.

 Lara aka Purpura
Valentines And Winterfest, Go like Catherine and Vincent- Very beautiful together!Liz C.
Greetings to people filled with hope! May your dreams come true!Lady Garnett
Happy Winterfest to all!!Heather A.
Greetings and peace to all!  I'm so happy to be here for yet another Winterfest!Phantom/Trish
Whoo-hoo! I'm so glad it's Winterfest time again! This is my second year attending. :)Daria
My Dear Friends,
I'm blessed to have another year here to spend time with those I love and care about.  May this Winterfest Online remind us of all that is good in the world and all that can be made possible if we only believe!Lisa Popek
Love all the fanfics, keep them coming.Carolyn
Happy Winterfest to all! Here's to another year of sharing the light, and keeping the dream alive!
CarolynMichelle Kempenich
“There are two ways of spreading the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” (Edith Wharton)

Happy Winterfest!Kim
Happy Winterfest!Sandy2
Been a busy day but I finally found a moment to light my candle and say hello to all the helpers above and below.Cheryl
 Jo Echevarria
A friend told me about this and I am so glad they did. Great to be here.Joan
Welcome to winterfest.dottie
Thanks for Winterfest and letting the story continue.Becky Bain
My candle didn't light the first time!Toni
 Becky Bain
Happy Winterfest, everybody!Breezy
Thanks to all for your hard work in bringing us another Winterfest.Catherine E.
How joyous I am to join once again! Even if I am late! Thank you for always keeping the tunnels lit up for me to return.deafheaven
You are all so beautiful!Chrystal Chilcutt
Happy WFOL!Rhonda Collins
After all these years, we still carry the light.zanne
 Diane Kenny
I'm still here even if I don't get to visit with all of you.Spencer
Happy Winterfest everyone, especially to Jacquelline. When I look on thee, heart and soul still sing in me. :)

SpencerGoldie Jones
It's great to be here again and seeing all the old and new friends.Karen
Happy Winterfest everyone!
Be Well
Owasso OK 74055PatK
Happy WinterfestC2
Howdy! Thanks to those who work so hard to put this on.Mary B
So glad to see the tradition carried on.
Lighting a candle for my roomie Judy & the rest of the 'HAT' crew! - Happy WinterfestKaren Q.
Happy Winterfest!Karen
Hi, y'all.  Glad to be here for my very first Winterfest!Verla
Welcome to all to Winterfest.Lori H.
Greetings, everyone, from Kansas City! I'm a little late getting here, but so glad to be here!Scarecrow7
Happy Winterfest, everyone!wendy mills
Hello everyone.Nancy Collins
Hello, I am glad to be at winterfest this year with all my friends.revareva
Hi and God Bless!!V
I'm glad to be here.Steffennie Smith
Hey everyone! I'm so glad that it's Winterfest time again!!!! I can't wait to see everyone. See you around the tunnels!!!!Val
I'm glad to be
'Welcome' to all the first time visitors to Winterfest Online. 'Good to see you again' to all the returning tunnel dwellers and helpers. Leave a little of your love along the way and don't forget to take a little with you. HUGSRita McWhorter
Wishing everyone a beautiful Winterfest!Lynne
WraithNight5@aol. com
Peace and happy Winterfest from the Quad-Cities!abm
Happy Winterfest Everyone!!Deb
AHHH....the feeling of my family around me as we bring our candles together and push back the darkness once more.  Happy, Joyful, Winterfest!!Lauri
tried to light my candle but it didn't work.becca
happy winterfest 2009!Alex
Keep the light and keep the dream alive!Debbie
I love this coming together online.Judy (Cat)
Happy Winterfest to all.  Love and Hugs.  Hope to see many of you in July here in New Orleans.becca
HAPPY WINTERFEST 2009!!!!becca board
Happy WINTERFEST 2009, my batb family!!!!   I love you all and so glad to be sharing this with everyone!!!!!  NO MORE WAITING FOR WINTERFEST 2009, just 2010!!!  LOL!tunnelmom
Welcome to Winterfest Online 2009.  Let Real Life slip away and lose yourself in the magic of BATBSusan
Happy Winterfest to AllSally
“Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”   How true it is for the world above.  But below, the warm glow of the candles only adds to the love found in each other’s welcoming smiles. 

Happy Winterfest to all!!!Lynne Wexler
Better late than etc.  It's just beautiful, as always.  Love this wonderful family and this timeless, incredible show.nancyt
Yay, its finally here!!Boadicea
I invoke thee to ignite the candle within thy soulTuntime
Great to be back home in the virtual tunnels!!deb
Keep the dream aliveKathy De
Its finally hereBoadicea H.
Breath life and ignite the light from within thy soul.Debbie
It's good to be Home again... been swamped with life for far too long and Winterfest helps remind me of the Dreams that still dwell in me even when life overshadows them for a while... candlelight can once again show the sparkle of dreams to be.Shiloh Ditzer
A Happy Winterfest to all tunnel dwellers and visitors from across the universe.  May the world love to one another as we love one another below.

www.batb.tvCB McWhorter
Happy Winterfest, Everyone!  It's nice to come home to the Tunnels.Lauri
Happy Winterfest everyone!Alisa West
Hello everyone!  Better late than never.Patti
Ignite thy soul to live forever in your lightmaria
happy winterfestCherokee
The Dream continues....T
Keep the light burning...Carole
A year of anticipation...and, delighted, here we are.Ron
So good to be together again with my family.Jan
I just discovered this wonderful story in November, 2008. I'm officially hooked! I found it accidentally when researching a porject for one of my high school classes, and I absolutely love it!JeannineB
Happy Winterfest, everyone!Mary
better late than never. The opening was beautiful. I loved the poem, Angel!gina in GA
this is second winterfest and so far it is awesome long live beauty and the beast and long live vincent and catherineKemara
Hello everyone! I'm so happy to be here at my first Winterfest.laura
I am so excited for this  Winterfest 2009!nancy
Happy Winterfest!!1SHARON
May it be ABOVE as it is BELOW
Good to be back with everyone again.E. G.
Well it is another year gone, but yet another year to share with those who you have met here in previous years, as well as to meet new friends joining in on the fun for the first time. Hello to all. Happy Winterfest Everyone!Cindi
Happy Winterfest 2009!Wayne R. Kelley
I'm glad to be able to say hello to everyone, even though I cannot participate this year (no computer at home yet). Feel free to drop me an e-mail, as I still have access at school. Be well and enjoy!Johanna Hudson
I am so glad that it is finally winterfestAyiana
So happy to be here.  What a great idea Online Winterfest is.Lynn Wright
Be well, and be happy

If Becky can do it again, I can.  My candle didn't light the first time either.Andrea
Winterfest again! I can't believe its already here!!!MELODY
 Jan Gosnell
It's good to once again join together in the warmth of the candles' glow. Warm Winterfest Greetings to all.Linda
Happy Winterfest 2009!Beverly
Have a wonderful winterfest one and all!!!Susan
Welcome all to Winterfest
so glad to be backAmber
This is my second WFOL and I'm very happy to celebrate it again with the wonderful family I've found here. Sahring the light for another year...Ting
I wish a very happy 2009 Winterfest to each and everyone.  Thanks for keeping the dream alive.  I live in a cold country, right up in the Laurentians where there is lot's of snow and where the weather is quite cold but you all keep my heart warm, not even the winter cold can take that away from me.  Love you all.Heather
Very glad to be here.jeanlc
Hello Vincent, how wonderful to greet you here!

Jackie :roseCindy
Welcome to Winterfest.  Great to see so many friends again.Hilary
Keep the dream alive.
Happy witerfest 2009!Andrea Luzi
 Tim Rooch
It feels great to be back with all you wonderfully creative people. A big hug and thank you for making Winter a time to look forward to.Katherine
I learned about this just in time so I am really glad to be here! May the Lord bless each and every one of us the WinterFest!!Donna
It's wonderful to see everyone again!  Happy Winterfest!Midnight Rose
Hello to all my fellow Tunneldwellers and Helpers. Welcome to Winterfest!Elaine
It has been an especially long and dark winter--I'm so glad to join everyone here at Winterfest to share in the light!!!Janet Rivenbark
One little candle....Kat
May the love and light continue through the yearKat
HAPPY WINTERFEST!!! May the love and light continue thru the year!!Amy
Happy Winterfest to all.  May our light always illuminate the darknessZanna
Zanna_Z@yahoo(take this out).com
With such dear friends as I have made through the magic of Beauty and the Beast, I carry a lit candle in my heart, always!Nancy
Former member Chesapeake Society for Beauty and the Beast.sherry sicilia
Hello everyone its so good to be here among friendsLaura
'It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.' 
— Eleanor RooseveltRebecca
I am so happy to once again be a part of this on line event.  The friends I have made in BATB fandom are the most special, truest, and one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Welcome everyone!gabi
Happy Winterfest!Diana
This is the why of it all happy winterfestMildred
This is my first Winterfest.  I am so happy to be here.allison
Happy Winterfest!Kat
May the love and light continue through out our year!!Dar (Darlene)
One word frees us all of the weight and pain in life, that word is LOVE ~Socrates~
Happy Winterfest 2009 to my Wonderful BATB Family...Love you all.Ruth
Blessings of Winterfest to all.Videoam1ture
Happy Winterfest!faith
keeping the dream alive, bringing hope to a sick world, healing hounds and sharing dreams of love and loyalty forever, thanks for be there!God bless youJeff Davis (pico9702)
Happy Winterfest! Hugs to all who are already here and to those who are on the way. A special hug to the ones that are arriving here for the first time. May your experience be a delightful one. Enjoy all that is Winterfest!Anne
Happy Winterfest to all!Jeff
Have a wonderful WinterfestRosemarie S.
'See the beauty in both the shadow and the light.' Happy Winterfest from the Tunnels of Northern New Jersey, USA!Pat M
Thank you Candlemakers for another Winterfest, I can't wait to enjoy all the goodies waiting for me.
Hello all you Beauty and the Beasts fans, young and old, old timers and newbies, welcome to a wonderful family.Noelle
May the thrill of hope be the light that banishes all darkness from your life! Happy Winterfest!xXSatanicaXx
Hey everyone! i hope you're all having a great winterfest! XDCathy Paré
'Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to
your destiny'  Keep the dream alive.
A wonderfully warm, safe and happy Winterfest to all my tunnel family!Urban Literati
I've been waiting...Nancy
In the candles' light we find the smiling faces of loving friends.
Happy Winterfest!Helen
Another year of Winterfest! The economy and weather outlook may be bleak, but it's warm and hopeful here. May we all of us have at least one dream come true in this coming year.  And while we each of us light our own small candle, I believe it is really for each and every one of us across the map and across the globe that we hold up our light. 
Can't wait for another wonderful Winterfest!Lola
Happy winterfestPUL
May a light always shine in your heart, for that can never burn outSabrina
Joyeuses Fêtes de l'Hivers à tous !Poetrymischief
Hello to all who gather here once again to share and perpetuate the light of eternal hope and love.Lisa
Sharing my light!Cyndi
Thank you all for bringing magic back to my lifeKimber
To all everywhere, peace, and joy and love, in these dark times. Faith manages, I hope we all can somehow find it possible to cling to meaningful things in hard times. All we need is love. And some sanity.Joanne Bilodeau
Happy Winterfest everyone,
have a great day everybody,

Saludos una vez más a todos los fans de La Bella y la Bestia del mundo. Un abrazo grande desde Venezuela!Annabelle Lee
Hello tunnels!!!!Ceridwyn2
May everyone have a joyous and safe WinterfestJoan
Welcome to Winterfest.  EnjoyAngela
Happy Winterfest everyone!  :)Marlo Dianne
Happy Winterfest, to family new and old! Share the light.maria de los angeles
ANGELESDiane Kenny
Hey Guys!!

I am very happy to attend my very first Winterfest. 

All the best from Brazil!!Fernanda
Hey Guys!!

I am very happy to attend my very first Winterfest. 

All the best from Brazil!!Linda Smith
I'm so glad I was able to make the tail end of Winterfest this year!! Love to all!! And light xxEdna Grice
This candle is for my friend Edna! Happy winterfest!! Susannesandra
There is no darkness when you are with me!carme
This is my first Winterfest....I'm glad to be part of it xkodo
This is my first winterfest and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who loves Beauty and the Beast from a long time agoArantza
Que el Winterfeast nos salga tan bonito como todos los años y que disfrutemos, como minimo, lo mismo que disfrutemos el año pasado.
Iazkoan bezain ondo pasa dezagun eta iazkoan bezain polita izan dezan opa dizuet danoi.
!Feliz Winterfest¡ 
Winterfest zoriontsua danontzat¿Ander
Winterfest zoragarria danontzat¡
!Feliz winterfest para todos¡padawanpooh
*waves*  Hurray for another Winterfest!

With love and peace to all around the world :-)June
A very happy Winterfest to all. Lets keep the dream alive xxxVixen
May the light of hope shine on everyone.Evelyn
Happy Winterfest!Ekaitz
Vincentek lagun izan dadin gure winterfest zoragarri honetan¡
!Que Vincent nos acompañe en este maravilloso winterfest¡leanne
This is my first Winterfest and today is my birthday. What a perfect day. :-)Tracey
 jeanette and belinda
B&B fans since the beginingAmy
Happy winterfest to all my tunnel family! Keeping the light lit for alwaysxsqueak
Love and Light to all my brothers and sisters in fandom.
Merry Winterfest 2009.

Angelstar - wctdv - xxxSarah
Bon Winterfest à tous !

Puisse la lumiere de toutes ces bougies vous guider sur le chemin de votre vie ! (au moins jusqu'à l'an prochain.

 ruth beville
Hi all batb fans this is my first time lighting a to you all.ruthDanièla
'L'obscurité ne peut pas chasser l'obscurité, seule la lumière le peut...'

Happy Winterfest à tous !montaia
Chic, nous voilà de nouveau à cette belle fête... Bonjour à tous !Conn
Hi there, dear friends all over the world!
I wish you all a happy winterfest, I'm so glad it finally started. I'm very much looking forward to new stories and a lot of fun.
Keep the dream alive!
Conny from GermanyCorinne
Happy new Winterfest !Annik
Tant que nous partagerons la même lumière du coeurClaire/Cosi
cosi2cg  Y! Fr
Woohoo! Sorry for disrupting the solemnity of this candlelighting ceremony but it is so exciting to be gathered again for the 6th time (for me, the 5th). Let's enjoy the togetherness as if we stood face to face. (Hugs)dahisyree
happy new winterfest everyoneHélène
Happy Winterfest everyone
Merci pour cette magnifique fête virtuelle qui permet de rassembler les fans de BATB!patricia de vaulx en velin
bonjour tout le monde fidèle comme chaque année pour tous vous retrouver pour cette fête extraordinaire, je suis heureuse de savoir qu'enfin la première saison sorte en français, mes cassettes sont trop usées pour continuer a tourner les pauvres. En tout cas nous allons passé de merveilleux moments en compagnie de Vincent Catherine et tout les autres... on se croisera surement au détour d'un tunnel a bientot et bisous a vous toutes et tousSassandraS
^^Voula Margariti
Hi to all!  Happy winterfest... this year, Vincent's line 'sometimes we have to leave our safe places and walk empty handed among our enemies'  has been of great help to me!  Thank you all for still keeping the dream alive!Anja
Keep the dream aliveEsther
Hy everyone: wish you a great Winterfest this year!This is my 4th.AMELYNE
Winterfest is a time to be united again with distant friends ! I am happy to have this chance to say HELLO !Gabriella
Finally I'm here, from Turin, Italy!!! Mine third candle!!! Light, Love and Peace to all!!!Gabriella
From Turin, Italy.... Finally I'm here!!! Incredible...mine third candle! Light. Peace and Love to all! :-)Marianne Nielsen
Let's light the candles and share some light, shall we! It is said, that you own flame does not die just by passing a bit of it to others. So let's start partying!!Dana
Peace and happiness.
Happy WinterfestSonmary
Hallo an alle Beasties,
ich wünsche Euch ein schönes Winterfest 2009 - lasst uns zusammen Spaß haben ;-)!!!
Liebe Grüsse!
Happy Winterfest to everyone!Sainz de Rouse
Ciao a tutti.fusciama
a great wfol for all!!!Borders
This is my first Winterfest.
last year I was too late to light a candle, but this year I am a part of the community and I am grateful for that.
Greatings from Germany.melissa
have a great wfol!!!Cecilia/Chickpea
A big hug to all my friends. Have fun.Paolina
Since I see so many candles I will never feel aloneMARIA TERESA
questa è la mia seconda candela, il secondo anno che partecipo a Winterfest.K
Greetings from Munich in Germany : )luna
for all loving batb-fans - and those who believe in magic and love.
(sorry i dubbeled my candle. because i set it wrong in the first time.)Lori Lemaris
Even we Atlanteans enjoy the story of Beauty and the Beast!  Peace and love to everyone from below the sea.Vicky
Like Vincent and Catherine, may the light of love and friendship guide our hearts always. Happy Winterfest 2009! Como Vincent y Catherine, que la luz del amor y la amistad guíen siempre nuestros corazones.Dany
Un po' in ciao a tutti!!! DanyAnnabelle Lee
Hello tunnels!!!!iaese
Greetings from the northern tunnels!luna
for all loving batb-fans, who believe in magic and love.angela p
one small candle - part of one great light for all to share.MARIA
...So long as we share the light!bacon
I am a very big fan from when B&B series when first aired and always will be. a few years ago  it saved my life after the passing of a loved one my wonderful dad i was so lost and depressed, my hubby and sons were so worried about me they did every thing they could to help me' so it is amassing  and wonderful  that  my hubby  came across a fan fic site of B&B at that sad time and remembered how i loved the series  and he suggested i read a few stories and it's still amassing to this day to me how the fan fic's took me away from my pain and sadness back then it helped me to believe in a world full of hope and it helped me to join the living again my family and i thank the B&B creators and the TD group and fan fic writers for keeping the dream alive my hubby bought me last year on valentines the B&B 1-2 and this past xmas season 3 it may be a dream and a fantasy but i and my family will always be grateful for a dream that healed my heart.
May the lord bless you all this WinterFest!Findl M.
Have a good time to dream and enjoy the Tunnels!!Joyce
May the love and beauty of BATB continue to shine on all of us!Sandy
May all of your lights bring peaceKeiko
A safe and happy winterfest to all, long may we continue to live the dream.Kathy Hood
Greetings to all and happy Winterfest 09.southofoz
Happy Winterfest Tunnel Familymazza
Happy Winterfest everyone!Gary
 Sue G.
May the love and friendship of Winterfest be with you throughout the yearVicky

To light your candle, click your location on the map.
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