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Vincent's Smile

Winterfest Online 2008

January 12th - 20th
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You've spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours staring at Vincent but how well do you really know his smile?

Here are a number of screen captures of Vincent smiling. Click on the number below the image and the letter next to an episode to make a guess as to which image comes from which episode.

When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Press the Reset Answers button to clear your selections and start over.

[NOTE: IE5.5/Netscape 6 or greater is recommended]

A Distant Shore Brothers Labyrinths Pilot
A Gentle Rain Chamber Music Masques Promises of Someday
A Kingdom By The Sea A Children's Story Nor Iron Bars a Cage Remember Love
The Beast Within China Moon Orphans Sticks and Stones
Songs of the Bluebird Dead of Winter Outsiders The Watcher