Parallel Worlds Within the City

Peggy Ann Garvin

June, 1993.


Additional Information: Cl

Rating: R (in places) A toned-down version of the consummation scene, punched for insertion, was available free on request from the author when this zine was being sold. By exchanging love scenes and removing any adult artwork, the reader could turn this into a PG-13 rated zine.

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 214 p, much art.

Art Information: Besides a color cover by the author's daughter, Michele Scott, a freelance pro graphic artist, interior artwork, printed unnumbered on colored stock, is by Neal Farris, Anna Deavers-Kelley, Sue Krinard, and Holly Reidel. Note: a few pieces of art contain either side or frontal nudity.

Ordering Information: Unknown

assic story with C/V sighing and retreating. C has a brush with a bunch of bikers. Early on, there's a plot in which criminals who have killed an underworld figure in the nightclub where Vulture Nadia works pursue her, believing her a dangerous witness. They sweep up, not only Nadia, but C and Reaper (biker leader), as well. After this trio escapes--with some help from V--they're obliged to remain Below for a time to escape further attacks. The balance of the story is an account of V/C's increasing involvement with the biker family. Contains an explicit V/C "first time" section. Poetry by the author appears between chapters.


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